EHS Regulatory Documentation for SAP

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How efficient are your hazard communication authoring processes?

Creating and maintaining current and compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels is a challenging and resource intensive task. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and product teams struggle with complex, continually changing regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, rapid fire customer demands and lack of access to updated global chemical regulatory data. 

Streamline and optimize SDS and label authoring

To overcome these challenges 3E™ offers 3E ERD – formerly SAP® EHS Regulatory Documentation (SAP ERD). 3E ERD delivers a proven, cloud-based solution for managing component data and authoring SDSs for over 140 countries in more than 40 languages. 

3E ERD empowers your team to achieve global product compliance by providing an easy way to track changing regulations and keep SDSs up to date. 

Reimagine product compliance

3E has acquired SAP’s ERC (EHS Regulatory Content) and ERD (EHS Regulatory Documentation) teams and solutions, securing our position as SAP’s premier provider of integrated content for their product compliance solutions. We will embed our content into in all releases of S/4HANA and partner with SAP to codevelop next generation product compliance solutions. 

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Accelerate authoring

  • Reduce your SDS authoring costs - Reap the benefits of optimized workflows and the economies of scale inherent in an on-demand delivery model
  • Work smarter and faster - We'll deliver your requested component classifications, product SDSs, label text and support data within days
  • Automate and streamline - Automatically submit requests for new and revised products, components and raw materials
  • Connect - Directly connect with your on-premise environment or connect through our user friendly portal
  • Achieve compliance - Our SDS management experts track global regulation changes and automatically perform SDS updates
  • Leverage world class component data and classifications - Receive component data including global classifications (based on your supplier SDSs) and expert-selected end point data from peer reviewed public sources


3E ERD is a proven solution for managing component data and authoring SDSs for 140+ countries. Because the solution can natively integrate with SAP® Business Suite applications, you can connect your SDS authoring processes with relevant sales, manufacturing and logistics processes for an integrated, proactive, cost-effective approach to compliance.



Subscribe to globally compliant SDSs

To support your ongoing compliance needs and keep pace with the constant flux in regulations, 3E staffs a global regulatory research team dedicated to:

  • Monitoring all applicable regulations worldwide
  • Translating new regulatory requirements into enhancements to the content and data used to generate SDSs
  • Delivering quarterly system updates and enhancements
  • Handling all 3E ERC content updates for components and products and delivering updated compliance data to 3E ERD users

Subscribe to comprehensive component data

With the component management service, 3E ERD alleviates the burden of continually maintaining your component data. The 3E ERD service starts with your supplier SDSs and assesses them for relevant information. Regulatory data from 3E ERC is also assessed and loaded for your components, such as regulatory lists and occupational exposure limits. 

3E ERD then utilizes end-point data such as physical-chemical, tox and eco-tox data and 3E ERC component data based on peer-reviewed public sources researched by 3E’s regulatory experts to deliver globally compliant SDSs. 



Regulatory impact analysis

With every regulatory content update you receive comprehensive information on changes to components and raw materials and the impact on your products and SDSs. 

3E ERC Impact Analysis provides full transparency, enabling you to evaluate up front the impact of regulatory changes and plan for internal and external communications, changes in subsequent product compliance processes such as labeling, transport, etc. and process changes such as exchange of non-compliant components.



access to information

Work smarter with expert rules and process automation

3E offers a series of customized SDS authoring rules and workflows to process your requests for product SDSs and component classification. The workflows support a high level of standardization and automation. For example, they perform checks on required data fields before any processing starts. Expert rules are run automatically, specific to the country for which the SDS was requested. Additionally, in accordance with quality assurance policies, 3E product safety experts perform manual quality checks.

Seamless data in SAP

Access value added regulatory content within SAP

3E ERC – formerly SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SAP ERC) – can empower your team with access to value added global substance lists and reference data, multilingual phrase libraries, expert rules for substance and mixture classification and SDS templates within SAP EHS® and SAP S/4HANA®.