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Regulatory requirements that directly impact business activities continue to proliferate from every corner of the globe. Many requirements, such as those implementing the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) have a focus on environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues, although regulatory drivers have expanded to address matters of social responsibility, including issues such as human rights, as well as environmental and ecological sustainability.

Keeping track of global compliance requirements and demonstrating due diligence is a complex and time consuming responsibility. Companies need reliable access to comprehensive, quality, validated information about the suppliers, materials and substances in their supply chain.

Verisk3E's core competence lies in researching, obtaining, aggregating, validating, and enriching compliance related data and making it actionable and available to our customers. 3E's industry-leading data and content is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and most accurate collection available. We have learned from decades of experience that regulatory research and data obtainment requires both the science of technology and art of the human touch. We are experts at obtaining and managing data, offering unique insights that enable customers to reduce cost and risk while improving processes.

Our Own Regulatory Research Specialists and Quality Processes

3E's own team of regulatory experts includes attorneys, chemists and EHS professionals with the experience, contacts and language skills needed to anticipate, track and analyze developing requirements around the globe. The team has established well-defined processes to research, track and maintain global regulatory and compliance related content. For example, all content is based on official government sources, checked for errors (e.g. incorrect CAS number assignment), corrected and confirmed with government officials. Our processes ensure that content is as complete as possible, including footnotes and other information, in both native languages and English, as appropriate. Several layers of review, testing and validation are employed to ensure the accuracy of content and changes to the data.

What Content is Included?

Substance-level: Chemicals, Food, Food Contact, Cosmetics
3E provides an extensive collection of regulatory data and source documents around the world. Despite international efforts toward harmonization, chemicals and the products containing them are regulated inconsistently. Substances are added to regulated lists at an increasing pace. Hundreds of multi-national companies rely on our substance-level content, using it throughout their organizations to reduce risk and increase compliance. Learn more.

Chemical Property & Hazard Data
3E provides a comprehensive collection of physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data that helps evaluate the validity and accuracy of chemical information about the components used in manufactured products. Learn more.

Product-Level SDS Content
From its inception to the present day, the SDS has evolved into a document that goes far beyond its original purpose, now serving as a source, foundation and clearinghouse for a range of safety and regulatory compliance data, including classification, transportation, environmental, ecological and disposal considerations. 3E has spent more than two decades developing the world's premier hazardous materials information database, holding well over 10 million MSDS / SDSs and growing every day. Learn more.

Supply Chain Documentation 
Understanding products, suppliers, and components in your supply chain is a critical aspect of managing your regulatory obligations, communicating to key stakeholders and mitigating supply chain risk. 3E's collection of supply chain documentation, ranging from material disclosures, substance declarations, and compliance certificates to certificates of origin and more, provides access to robust supplier, product and component-level regulatory databases that greatly simplifies the burden of managing vast amounts of quality data. Combined with analytics, this collection provides the tools you need to identify and avoid of costly disruptions due to non-compliance, supplier failures or inability to provide to downstream information to your customers. Learn more.

Dangerous Goods / Transportation Content
Content related to ensuring the compliant transport of goods encompasses regulations from around the world, spanning multiple modes of transportation, jurisdictional boundaries and language requirements, and making it easy for transportation, logistics and dangerous goods professionals to ensure compliant shipments. Learn more.