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Perstorp Relies on 3E Insight for Chemicals to Bolster Global Regulatory Compliance Management


The Perstorp Group is a world leader in a number of sectors in the specialty chemicals market, with a rich performance culture distilled from its long history and extensive knowledge in the chemical industry. That culture and knowledge base enables Perstorp to produce winning formulas for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Perstorp’s products are used in the aerospace, marine, coatings, chemicals, plastics, engineering and construction industries. They can also be found in automotive, agricultural feed, food, packaging, textile, paper and electronics applications.

The global company has production plants in Asia, Europe and North America and sales offices in all major markets.


As a leading provider of specialty chemicals, Perstorp faces many challenges related to environmental health and safety (EHS) regulatory compliance, including tracking the thousands of regulations in multiple jurisdictions that impact their business. 

For many years, Perstorp’s internal EHS team was tracking regulations themselves, using a homegrown system that relied heavily on Internet search engines. In May 2010, however, the team realized that they were facing an insurmountable task, given the constantly increasing volume and complexity of the regulations affecting their business. 

“Our database was populated with limited existing regulatory information, so every time we became aware of a new regulation, we had to begin searching the Internet to learn more,” said Carina Fogelberg, Product Safety Manager, Perstorp. “As you can imagine, this was quite a time-consuming and cumbersome process.” 


The team thus began searching for a new, more reliable, and thorough solution. Ms. Fogelberg recalled using a vendor provided compliance management product in a prior position and was not satisfied with the results. Since her experience with this previous product was quite negative, it helped Ms. Fogelberg easily define the criteria and functionality that Perstorp’s new compliance reference tool should possess. 

“The previous tool that I used gave me some information, but not all of the information that we desired,” said Ms. Folgelberg. “We were searching for a tool that gave us full access to the regulatory information we desired in one easy click – we simply do not have time to supplement our chosen reference tool with additional research and analysis. We wanted a total solution for our regulatory reference needs.” 

After participating in a demonstration of 3E’s 3E Insight for Chemicals online chemical regulatory compliance reference tool, Ms. Fogelberg felt confident that she had discovered a tool that met all of her criteria. With 3E Insight for Chemicals, the global EHS compliance information that Perstorp needs is only one click away. As an added bonus, the tool is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. 

“3E Insight for Chemicals is very user friendly. It is so intuitive, in fact, that the required training was minimal once implementation was complete. The search process is very straightforward; for example, we can simply enter in the CAS number that we are researching and then 3E Insight for Chemicals returns all of the regulatory information associated with that chemical,” said Ms. Fogelberg. 

“All the information that we need is available at-a-glance,” she continued.  “I especially appreciate the GHS comparison chart that displays exact GHS deployment. I refer to such tables on a regular basis and find them to be extremely valuable.” 


3E Insight for Chemicals has now been deployed at multiple Perstorp locations, including Sweden and France. Since deploying the solution, Perstorp has realized several benefits, including dramatic time savings and increased access to critical regulatory information. They are also more confident in their ability to conform with the myriad of regulatory requirements impacting their business. 

“3E keeps our database up to date, and I am completely confident in the information that 3E is providing to us. In addition, the tool is so quick and intuitive which I really appreciate. I can enter search criteria such as the CAS number or the generic name of the chemical, and I have the regulatory information that I need in a matter of seconds. I don’t need to think about how to properly express my chemicals in the search feature; 3E Insight for Chemicals always seems to know exactly what I am searching for, which dramatically simplifies the search process.”

“3E Insight for Chemicals has changed the way our team works by making us more efficient,” continued Ms. Fogelberg. “When I conduct a search in 3E Insight for Chemicals, I instantly find out whether a chemical or substance is regulated under any relevant directives or whether it is included on any national lists and then I can take this information into account for our safety data sheets.”

Often a quick search returns invaluable information on new regulatory requirements. “Once I was looking for a specific regulation in Brazil and my search returned information on that regulation, plus details on an entirely different regulation of which I was previously unaware. We have been continuously impressed by the depth and breadth of the Ariel regulatory data and content,” said Ms. Fogelberg.  

“Our team has also found great value in the information and guidance that 3E provides in its products. The topics and coverage are always extremely timely and relevant to our business,” concluded Ms. Fogelberg.

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