European Product Registration

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A number of European countries have national legislations requiring registration of certain substances and preparations/mixtures. This legislation is not harmonized at the EU level and is not being changed or impacted by REACH obligations.

The provisions regarding product registration in each of the countries are very different when it comes to which products must be registered and which information is required to be submitted with the registration. In some countries, registered substances and products are assigned a registration number. If these national provisions on product registration are not complied with, the importer or producer may be subject to penalties such as a fine or the authorities may stop the import/production and sale of the product.

European Product Registration services are supported by 3E Company’s operation in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is home to the 3E's team of global regulatory experts, including SDS authors, researchers and compliance specialists who are well-versed in global regulations, have direct relationships with many regulatory bodies across the globe, and speak more than 26 languages.

There are two options for European Product Registration Services:

Full Outsourcing: For chemical products sold in a European country, the 3E® team can:

  • Determine if the product must be registered, and if so, in which countries
  • Carry out the registration on behalf of the customer
  • Maintain the registration
  • Update SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) and label documents

Compliance Assistance: For companies who want to handle registrations in-house, but need a resource for understanding the requirements, the 3E team can:

  • Provide basic training of the requirements for product registration, tailored to the company’s specific type of products and business
  • Assist with establishing and implementing company-specific procedures for on-going compliance