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Ensure product safety and sustainability

Creating and maintaining compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels is a challenging and resource intensive task. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and product teams struggle with complex, continually changing regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, rapid fire customer demands and lack of access to updated global chemical regulatory data.

Leverage expert SDS authoring and product stewardship services

With 3E SDS Authoring and Product Stewardship Services, 3E enables product teams to achieve global product compliance and streamline hazard communication. 

Our highly trained regulatory experts provide end-to-end SDS, product label data and exposure scenario authoring, product marketability and product notification services. We leverage our world class regulatory content, component data and classifications to ensure accuracy.

“By outsourcing time-consuming and specialized tasks to 3E we have achieved an estimated 25% to 50% savings in manpower devoted to authoring, regulatory research, SDS updates and obtainment.” - 3E Client


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Improve product safety and compliance

  • Create and maintain compliant, up-to-date SDSs for 116+ countries and 45+ languages
  • Accelerate authoring, with component classifications, product SDSs, label text and supporting data delivered within days
  • Ensure global product compliance with proactive SDS authoring and updates managed by 3E’s team of regulatory experts
  • Produce high quality, globally compliant documents using 3E’s unique combination of expert services and regulatory content
  • Perform marketability checks at substance and product level against inventories / restriction lists

Leverage unparalleled authoring expertise

3E is trusted to author more SDSs for the world’s top brands than any other provider. We draw on deep regulatory, toxicological and chemical expertise along with extensive experience authoring SDSs in multiple languages. 



Subscribe to globally compliant SDSs

To support your ongoing compliance needs and keep pace with the constant flux in regulations, 3E staffs a global regulatory research team dedicated to:
•    Tracking all applicable regulations worldwide
•    Translating new regulatory requirements into enhancements to the content and data used to generate SDSs 
•    Monitoring and maintaining our client’s entire product portfolio and proactively updating SDSs twice annually
•    Utilizing best in class regulatory content to ensure accurate data and classifications

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Comply globally

3E SDS & Product Stewardship Services can enable you to comply with local, national, regional and global hazard communication requirements including GHS, CLP, REACH, Turkey REACH, K-REACH, K-OSHA, TSCA, ChemO and more. You will be supported by the world’s leading provider of intelligent compliance solutions.



Draw on industry leading regulatory content

SDSs are authored and updated by leveraging 3E’s aggregated regulatory content, a trusted source for 70% of the world's largest chemical manufacturers. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory information provided by this data offers unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever changing EHS requirements.

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Streamline authoring with ready-made classifications

Our Base Chemical Classification Library features a collection of continually updated regulatory classifications for an expansive list of chemical substances. This content is used to classify substances and mixtures according to their health, environmental and physical hazards in compliance with GHS standards.


regulatory research and monitoring

Determine regulatory impact

Impact Analysis provides full transparency, enabling you to evaluate in advance the impact of regulatory changes and plan for internal and external communications, changes in subsequent product compliance processes such as labeling, transport, etc. and process changes such as substitution of non-compliant components.



Check products for marketability and compliance

The marketability service provides a preliminary check for the listing status of the components in a product according to the various international inventories. 
A Marketability Check Report depicts a positive or negative status, compliance statement, reference to exemptions, restrictions, etc. and the action that must be taken for each market placement country in scope. We can then perform the appropriate actions if desired.


Comply with EU Poison Centre Notification Requirements

3E enables compliance with EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN) obligations under the Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP).

We can tailor a solution for you, ranging from data obtainment services to end-to-end notification generation and submission for your products.

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Streamline authoring processes

3E provides full, end-to-end authoring services. All customers can connect directly with our Authoring Team via our user friendly portal. Automatically submit requests for new and revised products, components and raw materials coming from your product development and supply chain processes.


Integrate with SAP

As an additional value for SAP users, we offer native integration with SAP Business Suite applications to connect SDS authoring with relevant sales, manufacturing and logistics processes. 3E is the only company providing seamless integration to support authoring requests and document delivery within the SAP platform.

Co-author on your platform

If needed, we offer co-authoring services where 3E authors write and produce SDS documentation on your own platform. We can access your authoring system remotely and securely.