Integrated Content and Capabilities for SAP EHS and S/4HANA for Product Compliance

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How can you ensure product safety, marketability and sustainability with 3E and SAP’s innovative pathway for product compliance? 

As product stewards struggle under the burden of complex market-specific regulations, exacting industry standards and increased consumer scrutiny, the need for regulatory intelligence has never been more critical. Without the ability to check for compliance early and often in the product development lifecycle, teams run the risk of having to rework formulations containing banned or restricted substances or, worse, recall products if they don’t meet regulatory obligations or customer requirements.  

How can 3E help you? By partnering with SAP to embed regulatory content into SAP S/HANA® for product compliance, we have a streamlined pathway to help protect your bottom line, increase transparency to meet customer demands and protect brand reputation.

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1. Maximize the value of your SAP platform 

3E’s partnership with SAP is a strong one: in fact, we are the exclusive provider of embedded regulatory content for SAP S/4HANA® for product compliance. Instead of tracking compliance piecemeal, the 3E ERC+ Suite
allows you to work in one integrated system and empower teams to work together. 

This Suite of products and services allows you to:  

  • Screen all of your company’s substances and products in bulk so that you avoid surprises and delays in go-to-market strategies, 
  • Author SDSs that are reliable and up-to-date, 
  • Automate many processes (e.g., most of the eSDS data entry process), 
  • Notify authorities in the case of hazards that are discovered (and ensure that employees have knowledge of hazards as required by right-to-know laws), and, perhaps most importantly,  
  • Become a leader in your industry by identifying sustainable alternatives where possible. 
  • 3E endorses our customers’ independent selection of implementation partner and We are proud to work together to deliver optimized functionality that extends the functionality of SAP for smarter product compliance.

2. Accelerate the development and launch of safe, compliant products 

3E™ enables product teams to develop and execute sustainable product strategies that align with customer demands and that protect brand reputation. The 3E ERC+ Suite™ provides the industry’s best regulatory content seamlessly integrated into your SAP® platform for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and marketability checks, and the Suite enables SDS publishing, regulatory horizon scanning, EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN) and global incident response support. 


3. Ensure product safety, marketability and compliance with a streamlined pathway for product compliance

The 3E ERC+ Suite™ allows you to: 

  • Make informed product safety and compliance decisions 
  • Reduce time to market and capture business opportunity   
  • Protect employees, customers and communities 
  • Improve sustainability and ESG performance 
  • Protect your investment in SAP with future-proof regulatory content

4. Know when a proposed regulatory change will impact your business

Regulatory horizon scanning enables your team to monitor and assess regulatory changes impacting your substances, products, markets and suppliers.  

The 3E ERC+ Suite provides regulatory news plus expert analysis, tailored to the topics that matter to your business and delivered in the format and frequency that fit your needs. Each article contains a thorough review and real-world analysis from 3E’s team of global regulatory experts. 


5. Seamlessly access value-added regulatory content for SDS authoring in SAP

The 3E ERC+ Suite enables access to current, comprehensive global substance lists and reference data, chemical property and hazard information, multilingual phrase libraries, expert rules for substance and mixture classification and SDS templates within SAP EHS® and SAP S/4HANA®. 

For instance:

  • Substance lists (covering over 350,000 substances) provide regulatory data for product safety and dangerous goods regulations for SAP S/4HANA for Product Compliance and SAP EHS on SAP ERP with quarterly updates. 
  • Multilingual phrase libraries contain more than 15,000 phrases in more than 40 languages. 
  • Expert rules cover regulations for the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.
  • SDS templates are available to support authoring of compliant SDSs for more than 140 countries according to global, national and local regulatory requirements.
  • The PCTEC data package provides a comprehensive collection of physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological (PCTEC) data. 



Customers are already seeing value from our suite of products:

“We were able to improve SDS completion time from 7 days to an average of 3 days, thus allowing us to get our shipments out faster and to have more supply for our customers.”  

-- Michael Smith, SAP EH&S Application Analyst, Trinseo 


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