Integrated Content for SAP Recipe Development

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Can you check for compliance with confidence?

R&D teams need to be able to accurately check formulations for compliance early and often in the product lifecycle. To ensure formulations comply with changing regulatory requirements, customer demands, restricted substance lists and consumer pressure for transparency, product decisions must be informed by the latest and most comprehensive chemical regulatory data. 

Ensure product safety and marketability with compliance check content for SAP Recipe Development

3E Optimize™ for SAP Recipe Development from 3E™ ensures that when you make product decisions you’re not missing a key ingredient.  

With our value added 3E Optimize food, personal care and home care compliance check content seamlessly integrated into your SAP® Recipe Development application, you can accelerate the development and launch of safe, compliant products.

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Optimize product formulation and development

Streamlined integration with SAP Recipe Development enables users to seamlessly load our product safety data into the SAP property tree to optimize the Compliance Check functionality and much more.


Integrate world class product compliance content

Expertly curated content includes thousands of chemical control laws plus food and beverage, food contact, personal care, home care and pharmaceutical and other industry specific standards for 500,000+ chemical substances in 130+ countries.


Seamless data in SAP

Cloud-based content delivery

3E Optimize for SAP Recipe Development combines the power of rich global chemical regulatory content, physical-chemical property, toxicity and eco toxicity (PCTEC) data plus simple cloud-based data loading and management to deliver a truly effective content solution for SAP RD.


Leverage actionable intelligence

  • Screen for restricted substances early in the development lifecycle
  • Eliminate banned ingredients
  • Anticipate and manage regulatory changes
  • Ensure products can be manufactured, sold, transported and distributed as intended

Choose content that fits your business

  • Regional product safety coverage providing extensive coverage of regulated chemicals throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction
  • Targeted industry content including personal care, cosmetics, food and beverage
  • Chemicals regulated under generic classifications

SAP's choice for content

SAP has chosen 3E as its strategic development partner and exclusive provider of embedded regulatory content for SAP S/4HANA for product compliance.


Maximize the value of your SAP platform

You have options for unlocking the value created by the combination of our 3E Optimize regulatory content with your SAP platform. 

Implementation, integration, updates and training can be performed by the 3E Enablement Team or by a qualified implementation partner, your chosen professional services provider or your internal organization.