C&L Notification Services

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Ensure Classification & Labelling Notification Requirements Under the European CLP Regulation are Met

C&L Services assist manufacturers and importers with CLP classification and subsequent ECHA (European Chemical Agency) notification under the European Union's CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulation. The CLP classification of any hazardous substance that is placed on the European market, either as a pure substance or as part of a mixture and regardless of tonnage, must be reported to ECHA since January 3, 2011 by each manufacturer or importer within one month after their placing on the market with a variety of data points, including:

  • The identity of the company or companies submitting the notification
  • The substance identity
  • The classification of the substance according to CLP
  • The reason why a particular classification is not provided
  • Specific concentration limits or M-factors related to the classification for acute aquatic toxicity, together with a justification for their use
  • The labelling elements for the substance