Regulatory Consulting

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Do you have the dedicated resources and expertise to anticipate, analyze and fulfill increasingly complex compliance obligations?

Companies operating within a global marketplace face an increasing array of compliance challenges. Differing obligations by market, difficulty determining the impact of regulations on products, suppliers and markets, lack of resources, knowledge gaps, language barriers, challenges interfacing with competent authorities...where can you turn for help ensuring your products and facilities are safe, sustainable and compliant?

Tackle your compliance challenges with industry leading regulatory expertise

You can call on 3E™ for actionable regulatory guidance and practical, effective solutions to even your most complex product and facility stewardship and regulatory compliance challenges. 

Our team of regulatory analysts, chemists, toxicologists, EHS specialists and other compliance experts has direct experience navigating the obstacles you’re up against. We will work with you to identify and assess your risks, understand your responsibilities and establish your compliance objectives…then deliver the services and solutions to achieve them.

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Achieve end-to-end regulatory compliance

Whether your organization needs short term project assistance, ongoing services or a long term engagement, we can leverage our industry leading content, regulatory knowledge and products to develop and execute compliance programs designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization.


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Leverage a team of experts 

3E fields a multidisciplinary, multilingual team of highly trained regulatory, scientific and technical professionals with global exposure and experience. Our Regulatory Consulting Services staff can serve as an extension of your own team, decreasing the burden on internal resources, reducing the workload of compliance personnel and bridging gaps in regulatory knowledge.



Apply unmatched experience and expertise

Our Regulatory Consulting Services professionals draw on deep domain expertise and experience gained in a variety of disciplines including environmental health, sciences, and engineering; natural resources; toxicology; product safety and stewardship; chemical engineering; business process engineering; dangerous goods logistics; hazardous materials management; emergency response; chemistry; law and others.

We possess an array of industry expertise including chemical, process, consumer product and pharmaceutical manufacturing; food and beverage; waste management; emergency response; environmental consulting; healthcare; retail and more.


Tell us what you need

You can choose from standard service offerings including Product Compliance; Global Chemicals Registration, Notification, and Reporting including REACH, K-REACH and UK REACH; Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Compliance; California Proposition 65 Compliance, Safer Chemical Analytics including risk assessment and management and Facility EHS. Chances are we have already done what you need to do and we have the knowledge, experience, contacts, content and insight to help you succeed.