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How accurate and up to date is the regulatory data behind your product decisions? 

Regulations have increased fivefold since the inception of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and they are far from harmonized.

From R&D through production, market launch and disposal the sheer volume of information that must be researched, monitored, analyzed, applied and shared can be overwhelming. When teams have to spend time and resources combing through widespread, outdated and often conflicting data sources it exposes the company to risk. 

Imagine the impact on product to market costs when you discover incorrect classification of product data based on either inaccurate information, inconsistent data pulled from different systems or a lack of understanding of the impact of national regulations. These costs can quickly escalate, with products banned or prohibited from entering a new market or, worse, recalled.  

Accelerate the development and launch of safe, sustainable products 

With 3E Insight™ for Chemicals your team can access accurate, comprehensive, updated and value added regulatory content instantly. Our award-winning chemical regulatory compliance reference tool puts global substance and product compliance information plus powerful analytics and decision support at your fingertips.

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Access information when and where you need it

  • Thousands of regulatory lists, overviews, compliance guides, consolidated and full text of key chemical, EHS, consumer, food contact and other product and substance legislation for over 150 countries 
  • In depth chemical property and hazard data for over 650,000 regulated substances 
  • Chemical Family/Generics covering more than 23,000 chemical families with over 100,000 unique substances that result in an additional 600,000 data points 
  • Industry specific regulatory content for the personal care, cosmetics, food contact and pharmaceutical industries 

Make better business decisions

  • Identify problematic ingredients early in the product development lifecycle to ensure products meet sustainability and compliance criteria 
  • Verify products can be manufactured, transported and distributed in intended markets 
  • Fulfill supplier questionnaires and suitability assessments 
  • Select greener alternatives 
  • Ensure SDSs and labels are compliant where products are sold and used 
  • Identify and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements 
  • Determine which agencies must be notified in the event of a chemical release or spill

Streamline regulatory research

The user friendly 3E Insight dashboard controls allow you to monitor regulatory changes for specific topics, regions and products. Innovative visualization capabilities and map controls make the content easy to navigate and actionable for users.


Personalize and optimize

Use 3E Insight to securely create and maintain personalized sets of products and regulations. Save commonly run reports by pairing product and regulatory scopes to easily track the regulatory changes most important to your organization. Receive email alerts when changes are posted to the regulations you are tracking.

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Save searches

Perform your favorite searches directly from your dashboard. Configure, customize and save your frequently used search controls. Use a variety of advanced search criteria to get in depth, downloadable reports on specific substances and regulations.


Leverage actionable intelligence

3E is the premier provider of value added chemical, material and product level ingredient content. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory and legislative information provided offer unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever changing EHS, industry and customer requirements.

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Stay ahead of new and emerging regulatory change

Regulatory horizon scanning provides news plus expert analysis, tailored to the topics that matter to your business and delivered in the format and frequency that fit your needs.