Safer Chemical Analytics

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How effectively are you protecting employees, consumers and communities?

With increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to identify risk and replace harmful chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, there is a growing need for chemical risk assessment and management as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Reduce risk with actionable intelligence

3E™ is uniquely qualified to evaluate the relative hazards of existing chemicals or products and recommend safer alternatives. Our Safer Chemical Analytics solutions leverage our scientific expertise and regulatory knowledge base to provide in depth analysis of your product portfolio.

toxicologist and chemical engineers

Leverage toxicological expertise

Our board certified toxicologists can evaluate the toxicity of new chemicals and formulations, provide recommendations regarding classifications and labeling for intended markets, determine the risk resulting from particular chemical exposure conditions and more.

risk of exposure

Evaluate hazards

3E Green Score™, our innovative risk scoring methodology, enables you to quickly and easily evaluate a product’s health and environmental hazards taking into account workplace exposure scenarios.

Assess products or mixtures in seconds

While most screening tools can only assess single chemical components, 3E Green Score allows you to screen a complex chemical mixture in seconds.

worker using chemicals

Risk assessment and management

Our Safer Chemical Analytics solutions also enable your team to perform intelligent risk assessments, evaluating product hazards based on SDS data and exposure considerations.

risk card

Create risk cards

Assess product hazards and exposure considerations to determine adverse effects and mitigation measures and create risk cards in compliance with regulations worldwide.