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Simplify SCIP Compliance

Under the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) companies producing, importing or distributing articles containing SVHCs above a 0.1% w/w threshold to the EU are required to submit detailed dossiers to ECHA. To maintain access to the EU market, an extensive set of data must be collected, organized and reported to ECHA’s Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database. 

SCIP notification can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially when done manually. Compliance requires significant supplier data, regulatory expertise and resources. Toxnot by 3E makes it easy. 

Protect Against Substances of Concern

Toxnot by 3E™ provides an end-to-end solution for SCIP notification, streamlining supplier data acquisition, dossier creation and validation, notification submission and ongoing change management. 

Know what’s in your supply chain, meet your compliance requirements and ensure market access with simplified SCIP reporting.

With Toxnot by 3E, you can:

  • Screen Instantly with Ease - Our platform puts the power of your own data back into your hands by allowing you to learn more instantly through our powerful reporting features.
  • Tracking and Auditability - Discover the ability to track products and materials over time more closely with our auditable history control.
  • Be Confident in Your Data - Discovering new data insights from our platform gives you the confidence you deserve to effectively manage your products.
  • Manage Compliance Determinations - Make determinations from your products and leverage compliance data from suppliers.

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