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How Efficiently Are You Managing SCIP Reporting Obligations?

Under the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) companies producing, importing or distributing articles containing SVHCs above a 0.1% w/w threshold to the EU are required to submit detailed dossiers to ECHA. To maintain access to the EU market an extensive set of data must be collected, organized and reported to ECHA’s Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database.  

SCIP notification can be a complex and time consuming process, especially when done manually. Do you have the supplier data, regulatory expertise and resources to efficiently and effectively comply?

Streamline SCIP Notifications with 3E Notify

3E™ provides an end-to-end solution for SCIP notification, streamlining supplier data acquisition, dossier creation and validation, notification submission and ongoing change management.

Our award-winning 3E Notify™ cloud-based notification engine automates and optimizes resource intensive SCIP reporting processes, eliminating the need to manually input and manage the extensive information required.

Award Winning SCIP Reporting

Environmental Protection Product of the Year 2021 Logo

3E Notify for SCIP won a New Product of the Year Award from Environmental Protection. It’s an honor to be recognized for the work we do to improve product safety and contribute to the circular economy. Together with our clients we are making the world  a safer place.

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Automate SCIP reporting 

The 3E Notify app streamlines dossier generation and submission by:
•    Extracting the required data including submitter details, article characteristics, safe use and dissembling instructions, identification of the concern
element and more
•    Mapping all data to the ECHA format and creating the dossier
•    Directly submitting the notification to ECHA via the system-to-system portal


Ensure accuracy and compliance

3E Notify simplifies SCIP compliance processes for your team by:
•    Populating the resulting SCIP number back into the host system
•    Maintaining ongoing compliance when changes to articles
or the SVHC list occur
•    Producing a spreadsheet for completion of Simplified SCIP Notifications (SSN) by downstream users, e.g. distributors
•    Managing dossiers and tracking status to provide an audit trail
•    Creating a list of all your SCIP submissions


3E Connect

Leverage options for data collection

3E Notify’s flexible architecture enables connection to and data extraction from a variety of systems including SAP® and other third party platforms.

If you need a solution for SCIP data collection, our 3E Connect™ supply chain compliance platform can engage your suppliers to identify articles containing SVHCs and retrieve and validate the required data for you.


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