SDS and Chemical Management

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How effective are the tools, systems, data and processes you have in place to ensure workplace safety and compliance?


Effectively managing chemical and workplace safety has never been more challenging. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), compliance, industrial hygiene, legal, safety and other teams are struggling with complex and continually changing regulatory obligations in multiple jurisdictions, an increasing number of language and format requirements for hazard communication and lack of access to updated data when and where they need it.

  • When an inspector arrives at your facility, can staff produce an accurate chemical inventory on the spot?
  • Are your SDSs and labels up to date? 
  • How much time do you spend chasing SDSs from suppliers?
  • Are you managing duplicative and conflicting SDS repositories in multiple facilities? 
  • If you have a homegrown SDS management tool, can it scale and manage revisions? 
  • When a spill occurs or a question regarding shipping or disposal of hazardous materials arises, do workers know what to do and who to call?

Improve safety, compliance and productivity while decreasing risk to your workforce, your brand and your bottom line

With 3E Protect™ you can efficiently and effectively inform employees and downstream customers of hazards and appropriate protective measures regarding the chemicals they’re manufacturing, storing, handling, transporting and disposing.

Our award winning SDS and chemical management solution provides immediate access to updated SDSs, site specific chemical inventory information and live EHS support 24-7-365. 3E Protect delivers efficient SDS management and automated document obtainment, data indexation, secondary container label generation, risk assessment, reporting and much more.

With 3E Protect an unlimited number of users can use the intuitive interface to find the SDS they need, in the jurisdiction and language required – anytime, anywhere. The solution is flexible, scalable and modular, offering options to ensure you only pay for the capabilities you need.

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Leverage end-to-end SDS management

Simply send us a list of products and let us take care of the rest. We will match your product list to the most current SDS, acquire new SDSs directly from the manufacturer on your behalf and index up to 20 fields of data from each SDS—including GHS classification and labeling information—for use within 3E Protect. 


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Let us obtain your SDSs

We don’t simply collect SDSs available from free websites. We have spent three decades assembling and maintaining a database of more than 10 million SDSs. We field a team of dedicated, full time specialists who collect and obtain SDSs directly from, and maintain relationships with, tens of thousands of manufacturers all over the world. They are singularly focused on striving to ensure that the most recent version of the SDS you need, in the jurisdiction and language required, is always at your fingertips.


3E Protect Login

Access world’s largest and best SDS database

With 3E Protect every employee, handler and customer can access updated SDSs, labels and Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs) in the language and jurisdiction required anytime, anywhere.


3E Protect Mobile App

Stay Connected

3E Protect subscribers can access SDSs and safety data including hazard, transportation and waste classifications and chemical ingredient, physical property, PPE, safe handling and storage information anytime, anywhere with the 3E Protect mobile app.

Call our EHS specialists for help anytime, anywhere

Our world renowned 24-7-365 3E EHS Call Center handles thousands of calls each week to assist customers with issues ranging from simple SDS requests to guidance or assistance with chemical spills, poison exposure emergencies and large scale natural disasters. We can provide hotline assistance or dispatch emergency responders as needed, worldwide.


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Know which chemicals are in your inventory 

Don’t know which chemicals exist at the facility level? We can send a specialist onsite to conduct a complete inventory assessment. With 3E Protect you can maintain visibility into which chemicals are in your inventory and where they’re used.


risk of exposure

Take control of chemical management

You can leverage 3E Protect’s chemical approval module to effectively manage and control which chemicals enter a given facility.


container labels

Manage secondary container labeling

Create secondary container labels covering Global GHS, US, Canadian, EU, generic PPE and barcode templates. 


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Know when SDSs are updated

With 3E Protect, users are alerted whenever a new version of an SDS in their inventory is available. With the add-on Revision Alert Module the system alerts users when an SDS in their inventory has changed and identifies the nature of the change via a side-by-side comparison. The affected information is highlighted for quick and easy reference. Revision notifications can be distributed by email to any designated user.


risk card

Perform intelligent risk assessments

With 3E Protect you can evaluate product hazards based on SDS data and exposure considerations. 

You can assess product hazards and exposure considerations to determine adverse effects and mitigation measures and create risk cards in compliance with regulations worldwide.