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How quickly can you create compliant SDSs and labels for product development, production and transportation? 

With market globalization and a dramatic increase in regulatory obligations, tracking international chemical regulatory guidelines and providing accurate and compliant hazard communication has never been more important—or more complex. Failure to understand and apply the most up to date hazard communication requirements can expose companies to risks including fines, lawsuits, delays, lost revenue and lost opportunities. 

Streamline hazard communication authoring, management and distribution with a powerful platform

3E™ can enable you to provide employees and downstream customers with unlimited access to critical safety information via Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs), labels and other hazard communication documentation. 

3E Generate™, our powerful, compliant SDS and label authoring, management and distribution platform, can equip your team to anticipate and manage regulatory changes, respond quickly to changing customer requirements, protect employees and downstream customers, avoid supply chain disruption and accelerate time to market.

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Improve product and workplace safety

3E Generate enables you to more efficiently and effectively manage the complexities of gathering accurate data, applying international chemical regulatory directives and guidelines and issuing reliable hazard communication documentation. 

The award winning platform provides full support of hazard communication, classification and labeling directives to generate SDS and label documents in more than 60 region specific compliant formats.



Single source compliance support

3E Generate users enjoy the unique benefits of having the software, data, services and support from a single source. We are the only vendor to offer a powerful combination of integrated and optimized world class regulatory content, sophisticated authoring data management tools, language support and comprehensive outsourced services to support product and workplace safety and stewardship.


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Streamline authoring and distribution

With 3E Generate, your EHS staff can streamline the authoring and distribution of hazard communication documentation in conformance with complex and changing regulations in multiple jurisdictions and languages worldwide. Any variety of SDS and label templates can be generated to meet international regulatory compliance and business requirements.



eSDS Authoring for Mixtures and Substances

To align with REACH requirements for supply chain communications, 3E Generate supports all Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) authoring needs for both mixtures and substances.



Leverage unparalleled authoring capabilities

  • Comprehensive expert phrase and glossary libraries including exposure scenario phrases in all European Economic Area (EEA) languages
  • Rule-based document generation
  • Automatic calculations and classification systems including GHS, EU and transportation of dangerous goods
  • REACH compliance support
  • Sophisticated formulation management
  • Integration with ERP or R&D systems
  • Trade secret and disclosure management
  • Alternate trade name management
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Version control and archiving
  • Workflow and notification functionality
  • Label generation leveraging current and compliant label document templates
  • Base Chemical Classification Library containing ready-made regulatory classifications
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Access integrated regulatory data

3E Generate is much more than software. It is fueled by world class 3E content, which is considered the highest quality, most comprehensive collection of regulatory information by many of the world’s top chemical manufacturers.


3E Protect Login

Enhance SDS management and distribution

In addition to leveraging the 3E Generate platform to manage all aspects of SDS and label authoring, management and distribution you can integrate our industry leading, award winning SDS and chemical management solution, 3E Protect™ (formerly 3E Online® - SDS), to streamline hazard communication and increase workplace safety.  

  • 3E Generate can create authored SDSs from vendor specific raw material information and automatically export data and authored documents to 3E Protect.
  • 3E Protect can import the authored SDSs, organize them and make them available for employees and customers to access 24-7-365.
  • 3E Protect can manage raw material SDS documents and data and provide exports to 3E Generate to streamline and automate the authoring process.

Support beyond authoring

Because our suite of products and services spans the entire chemical lifecycle, manufacturers can rely on 3E for product safety and stewardship as well as workplace compliance assistance including: 

  • 3E Transportation Classification and Shipping Papers 
  • 24-7-365 Customer Support and Emergency Response to Spills, inhalations or Ingestions 
  • 3E Hazardous Waste Services