SDS Authoring Services

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How much time does your team spend authoring hazard communication documentation?

Companies are obligated to provide employees and downstream customers with unlimited access to critical safety information via Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and other hazard communication documentation. Creating and maintaining comprehensive, updated SDSs that conform to complex and changing regulations in multiple jurisdictions worldwide is a challenging and resource intensive task.

Let our highly trained authors help you decrease risk, improve compliance and save time 

Our multilingual staff of experienced authors can create, analyze and manage globally compliant SDS and product label content covering regulatory and language requirements for more than 60 countries. With Authoring Services we can serve as an extension of your EHS team, enabling you to comply with workplace safety and employee right-to-know regulations while freeing up your internal resources, decreasing risk and strengthening product and facility stewardship.

We offer flexible, affordable authoring service options:

  • Fully outsource the creation and production of your SDS authoring activities to 3E
  • Choose co-authoring—allow 3E authors to create SDS documentation on your own platform 
  • Leverage our cloud-based SDS and label authoring services for your SAP platform
  • Use the 3E Authoring On Request automated process for projects covering 20 products or less

Increase safety and compliance

  • Produce high quality, globally compliant documents using 3E’s unique combination of services, SDS tools and value added regulatory content 
  • Meet ingredient and hazard classification disclosure requirements in all markets worldwide 
  • Provide SDSs in all languages required including those with double-byte characters 
  • Support your in house staff during fluctuations in workload
  • Achieve cost efficiencies by shifting fixed costs into variable expenses according to business needs  
  • Access toxicological and eco-toxicological evaluations and determinations, including hazard classifications, labeling, workplace exposure limit settings and exposure scenarios 
  • Provide accurate domestic and international transportation determinations including air, land and water

Let us serve as an extension of your EHS team

3E’s highly qualified, multilingual team has authored SDSs and label documents for global manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. We have proven experience authoring on a variety of platforms including our own 3E Generate™ (formerly MSDgen®), SAP® EHS, ProSteward®, Wercs® and others.



Comply globally

3E Authoring Services can enable you to comply with local, national, regional and global hazard communication requirements including the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). You will be supported by the world’s leading provider of intelligent compliance solutions.


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Draw on industry leading regulatory content

SDSs are authored and updated by leveraging 3E’s aggregated regulatory content, a trusted source for 70% of the world's largest chemical manufacturers. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory information provided by this data offers unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever changing EHS requirements.



Need eSDS for mixtures and substances?

To align with REACH requirements for supply chain communications, our highly qualified team can fulfill your Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) authoring needs for mixtures and substances. At 3E we leverage deep regulatory, toxicological and chemical expertise along with extensive experience authoring eSDSs to ensure readability, comprehensiveness, consistency and compliance with EU REACH and any additional applicable national regulations.


Create GHS compliant labels in seconds

Are you able to quickly and easily print GHS compliant transport, hazard and precautionary labels for all intended markets? With Label Generator, 3E Authoring Services customers can generate multilingual labels for substances, mixtures and finished goods on demand using a highly intuitive online interface.


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Streamline authoring with ready-made classifications

Our Base Chemical Classification Library features a collection of continually updated regulatory classifications for an expansive list of chemical substances that can be easily imported into hazard communication authoring systems. This content can be used to classify substances and mixtures according to their health, environmental and physical hazards in compliance with GHS standards.


regulatory research and monitoring

SDS Monitoring and Regulatory Change Notification

Countries continually update SDS and label requirements to reflect evolving regulations and chemical hazard information. SDSs and labels can quickly become outdated and noncompliant unless a systematic review and update process is in place. 3E can monitor all regulatory changes affecting the documents we have authored for you and advise when updates are required.