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How effectively and efficiently are you managing hazardous materials compliance today?

Hazardous materials classification, storage, transport and disposal are critical functions which can expose the company, employees and customers to significant risk. With complex regulations that vary at local, state and federal levels, understanding and fulfilling compliance obligations requires specialized knowledge and dedicated resources. How does your team track and manage classification, labeling and transport requirements today?

Let us remove the guesswork for your team

Our team of EHS and regulatory experts can streamline this vital part of your business, providing support and/or end-to-end management of storage, transport and waste obligations. 

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Let 3E classify your inventory according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) ratings. Products can be classified according to NFPA standards, Uniform Fire Code, BOCA National Fire Prevention Code and the SBCCI Standard Fire Prevention Code. 


All hazardous materials or dangerous goods must be appropriately classified, packaged, marked, labeled, placarded and shipped with proper documentation. 3E transportation specialists are well versed in the area of dangerous goods transportation, and can classify materials for any mode - ground, air or water - based on 49 CFR HMR, IACO (IATA) DGR, IMDG Code and/or Canadian TDG regulations.

Transportation Hotline

3E’s toll free Transportation Hotline provides 24-7-365 access to live specialists who respond with guidance for any mode of transport including ground, air and water. Our team can advise whether a specific product in a specific quantity and type of packaging can be transported in compliance with regulations.


Transportation Shipping Papers

3E can prepare and provide the required shipping papers and documentation for any mode of transportation on behalf of a customer, including tailoring information to internal shipping acceptance requirements.

ER Responders

Emergency Response Hotline for Products

Customers who prepare their own shipping papers can place 3E's 24-7-365 toll free telephone number on their documents in compliance with the requirement to provide an emergency contact on the documentation. 



3E’s Waste services are perfect for organizations with several locations across the U.S. and limited and/or decentralized EHS staff. We can provide hazardous waste services on an as-needed basis or by establishing a regular schedule. 

TRI Reports

Hazardous Waste Management

3E can negotiate the best possible contract with a single prequalified hauler for pickups on prearranged dates. Our specialists coordinate the entire process including the waste pickup, transportation, disposal at a designated TSDF and reporting to appropriate federal or state agencies.


Waste Classification

3E's Waste Classification service provides assistance with the identification and classification of items that may be regulated as hazardous waste at the federal and state level. Our solution streamlines and takes the guesswork out of the process of identifying and classifying hazardous waste. Our team can even help you define and execute a comprehensive, easy to follow bucket program for your employees.