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3E Global Alliance Program: Spotlight on Intelex

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August 25, 2017Alan JohnsonBlog

3E continues to expand our Global Alliance Program through the addition of carefully selected product and service providers who share our dedication to reducing risk, improving regulatory compliance and supporting innovation for customers around the globe.

As the premier solution provider for chemical, material, and product level ingredient content as well as the world leader in aggregating these types of regulations, we are proud to partner with some of the world’s foremost EHS software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) companies as well as skilled technology implementers and market leading associations dedicated to creating awareness around the globe.  Our vast experience and extensive partner ecosystem has helped us become the industry standard for integrated content; access to our trusted content ensures that your compliance processes are executed accurately and efficiently while reducing cost and risk. In order to support customers with the best experience and solutions possible, we have developed a variety of tools that seamlessly integrate our data directly into trusted third party systems, including Intelex.

A global leader in the development of EHS and quality software, Intelex is the oldest independent vendor of EHS and quality software in North America and one of Canada’s most recognized software companies. The Intelex platform offers a best-in-class EHS platform for end-to-end management of EHSQ performance, providing solutions for Environment, Health and Safety, Quality and Supplier Management.

Intelex and 3E Company have collaborated to develop an integrated solution in which 3E’s chemical, material and product-level GHS SDS content feeds the Intelex platform through a standard connector allowing for chemical management of substances or products utilized or held across the organization.  With the integration, customers have access to 3E’s market leading GHS SDS obtainment engine which sources supplier documents from around the world in almost any language.  The joint solution helps customers reduce cost and risk while ensuring users can effectively execute intelligent compliance programs.

Optimizing Compliance Management

Managing dynamic SDS documents can be difficult and expensive, but with the 3E integration, Intelex users can automatically retrieve GHS SDSs through 3E’s content feed and have 24-7-365 access to a database of millions of chemical, material and product-level SDSs. Additionally, users have access to 3E’s world renowned support program which provides around the clock accessibility for field issues.  

By integrating Intelex’s platform with 3E’s SDS and chemical management tool, users have instant access to up-to-date SDSs and critical data attributes, facilitating the seamless exchange of safety and product data across the organization resulting in enhanced compliance and increased productivity. Other benefits include:

  • Instant and efficient access to GHS compliant SDSs for each chemical, material, or product in your inventory
  • Mitigates the tedious, time-consuming process of managing and updating manually within your applications
  • Provides automatic access to critical data attributes to support key features in the Intelex platform
  • Provides employees with access to 3E EH&S Mission Control Call Center for emergencies, such as spills, inhalations or exposures
  • Access to 3E Company’s GHS SDS global, multilingual obtainment engine

If you would like to learn more about this innovative collaboration and how Intelex and 3E can help you optimize compliance management and execute an intelligent compliance strategy, please leave a comment on this post or send an email to