3E Notify for SCIP: Environmental Protection 2021 New Product of the Year

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November 23, 2021Editorial TeamBlog

We are thrilled to be recognized with a 2021 New Product of the Year Award from Environmental Protection. Our 3E Notify™ for SCIP solution won in the New Technology – Industry category.

3E Notify is our cloud-based notification engine that streamlines and automates compliance with regulatory requirements including Substances of Concern in articles as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database reporting and EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN).

Under the newly updated EU Waste Framework Directive, companies who produce, assemble, import or distribute products in Europe are required to notify the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) if any articles placed on the EU market contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in concentrations above a certain threshold. This obligation is known as SCIP reporting and without it products can’t be sold on the European market.

The regulation is designed to promote a safer circular economy and reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals. The reports contain safe use information so waste processors know when chemicals of concern are present and how to safely handle and recycle them, customers gain transparency into the products they purchase, regulators can better track the use of chemicals and company’s compliance and manufacturers are encouraged to develop safer formulations. 

To help you to meet SCIP reporting obligations we provide an end-to-end SCIP solution, enabling efficient data collection, dossier compilation and notification submission. 3E Notify for SCIP automates and optimizes resource intensive SCIP reporting processes, eliminating the need to manually input and manage the extensive information required.

At Verisk 3E we help our clients ensure safety, compliance and sustainability. We provide actionable intelligence and award winning solutions to enable safer, more sustainable products and business processes. The Environmental Protection New Product of the Year program honors the outstanding achievements of industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy for making environmental professionals’ work easier, more efficient and more productive.

It’s an honor to be recognized for the work we do to improve product safety and contribute to the circular economy. Together with our clients we are making the world a safer place. Thank you!