Adapting to Change Amid a Pandemic

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July 24, 20203E Protect TeamBlog

As the pandemic unfolds around us we have quickly learned to change our habits and adopt stringent guidelines for safety in both our personal and professional lives. Mask wearing, frequent handwashing and maintaining social distance have become the norm in 2020.

Businesses must also adapt to new modes of compliance under these challenging times. Rather than face scrutiny while struggling to stay on top of requirements, you can turn to our 3E Protect™ Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and chemical management solution for support. 

Even the commendable act of providing COVID-19 approved cleaning solutions to your employees comes with its own set of compliance requirements. You’ve had to make so many business changes to adapt to COVID-19, here are some ways to leverage 3E Protect to ensure your chemical and workplace safety. 

In response to the pandemic, 3E Protect has an enhanced SDS library that offers a filter specifically for agency approved sanitizing products. This allows you to: 

  • Identify which COVID-19 sanitizing products you may prefer due to fewer health risks to employees with information available on the SDS including:
    • GHS classification
    • precautionary measures and guidance for appropriate use
    • injury prevention
    • PPE and medical response specific to exposure types and routes of entry
  • Determine which COVID-19 sanitizing products have ingredients that are affected by country specific regulatory lists.
  • Verify that a product’s composition listed on the SDS contains effective proportions of sanitizing chemicals such as alcohol content for hand sanitizers and disinfectants.
  • Follow hazard prevention guidance specific to each product and enlist effective ways to remedy a potential poison or exposure situation. 

Stringent times call for strategic action and we hope you find support within 3E Protect. For more information on how 3E Protect can help you, please reach out so we can assist. 

You can also try 3E Protect free for two weeks.