China Approves New Food Ingredients and New Food Additives

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April 21, 20233E Global Research TeamBlog

On 2 March 2023 China's National Health Commission (NHC) published the Notice to Approve 28 New Food Ingredients, New Food Additives, and New Food Contact Materials Including Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides (关于假肠膜明串珠菌等28种“三新食品”的公告). The notice took effect immediately.

3E Review 

China national standards GB 2760-2014 and GB 14880-2012 list existing food additives and nutrient supplements that have been allowed in food. Any food ingredients not traditionally consumed, or any additives not listed in these standards or not approved by the NHC by announcement, will be considered as new food ingredients or new food additives. Companies that intend to manufacture, use, or import these substances in China need to file an application containing the required safety materials for NHC’s safety assessment review. New food ingredients or additives can only be used after the NHC publicly announces the approval. Prior to the announcement, the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment publishes the proposal for approving the substances, and a period of one month is given for soliciting public comments.

Additionally, food additives intended for new use scopes outside of approved use purposes will also need to file an application for the NHC’s approval.

This notice approves the following food additives and ingredients:

  • One new food ingredient: Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides
  • One new food additive: Potassium polyaspartate
  • Eight new enzyme preparations: Aminopeptidase, protease, phospholipase A2, maltogenic amylase, xylanase, lactase(beta-galactosidase), carboxypeptidase, and deaminase
  • One new food flavoring: 2-Hexylpyridine
  • New use scopes for four existing food additives: Fumaric acid, sodium acetate, sodium cyclamate, and vitamin E

New use scopes for two existing processing aids: polydimethyl siloxane and its emulsion, and magnesium stearate.

3E Analysis

Companies that import, use, or manufacture food ingredients and food additives should note that China recently issued a notice to approve 17 new food additives and food ingredients in March 2023. Affected parties should check the regulatory databases in 3E’s Insight for Chemicals to review the permitted substances.

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