Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility in the Face of Changing Regulations

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July 27, 20203E Connect TeamBlog

Having visibility into your supply chain is of utmost importance but without a streamlined solution in place your efforts can become futile.
With supply chain compliance platform 3E Connect™ you gain transparency into the exchange of material, product and supplier compliance information throughout the global supply chain. From source to sale, this critical content is obtained, analyzed and made available to your organization so you can effectively evaluate compliance while responding to information requests. 

The existing modules within 3E Connect are dedicated to supporting your compliance obligations for conflict minerals, ingredient disclosures, REACH and more. As new regulations are introduced you can count on 3E Connect to offer new modules that help you comply.

This month marks the release of our newest 3E Connect module dedicated to supporting compliance among appliance efficiency regulations governed by the California Energy Commission (CEC). The module was developed in response to Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations which dictates that products must meet established energy efficiencies in order to be sold in California. Title 20 was introduced in two tiers, with the most recent changes going into effect earlier this year.

3E Connect’s CEC module includes an interactive web form which leverages business logic to streamline the data collection process for suppliers as specified by Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations. Once all information has been submitted the system provides a compliance status noting whether the appliance may be sold in California. If it is not compliant you are given the reason for that determination. 

You can trust in 3E Connect to give you the supply chain transparency you need to remain compliant. Reach out for more information and we’d be happy to demonstrate the value of this solution for you.