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How QuickStart Chemical Management Can Save Your Assets

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March 2, 2020

As an EHS manager, do you find it to be a constant struggle to obtain the IT resources to meet your continually evolving, dynamic business and operating model? 

IT groups have traditionally been slow to adapt to the needs of EHS business owners and most EHS leaders have historically sought to address certain problems or needs, rather than participating in the decision-making process for IT systems. This results in incomplete, misaligned and failed systems being deployed to solve real EHS business challenges.  

In his latest post, Alan L Johnson details how you can leverage the Enablon QuickStart Chemical Management program with the 3E Protect SDS and chemical management system from Verisk 3E to get your compliance program up to speed in weeks, not months, and make your IT team look like heroes.

"As a result of these new dynamic IT landscapes, the ability to integrate, onboard and support a new technology quickly becomes the differentiator and value driver within an organization. 

IT groups that inherently understand this can partner with EHS groups to bring about the best offerings while also solving real business challenges, reducing cost and improving productivity. EHS professionals who understand this concept and how it can be applied in an organization are better able to influence the direction of IT systems while having a more impactful voice."  

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