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Podcast: Making the World a Safer Place – Resilient: Workplaces, Stronger Supply Chains

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September 16, 2021Oliver Danckert & Tamie WebberBlog

From discovering holes in their shoes after a walk-through of a metal plating shop to watching manufacturers quickly adapt to changes in resources, products and suppliers in the wake of COVID, the latest podcast in the Verisk Talks Risk series offers a unique perspective on workplace and supply chain risks and ways to mitigate them.

Have a listen as Verisk 3E’s Oliver Danckert, senior vice president of global strategy and the managing director of Verisk 3E Europe, and Tamie Webber, vice president of product and support, talk about ways life sciences, chemical manufacturing and retail and distribution companies can ensure safer workplaces and stronger supply chains. 

Hear about the trends impacting product safety and compliance, tools to manage regulatory changes and the need for transparency and sustainability. 

And learn how digitalization is helping companies stay up to date with emerging trends and take bigger and more future leaning actions to reduce supply chain workplace hazards and overall product compliance risks. 

Time to tune in and listen for yourself, simply click this LINK! 

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