Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) SciCon2 Held Virtually Through Nov. 19

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November 17, 2020Editorial TeamBlog

Verisk 3E’s Hans Plugge, Senior Toxicologist and Manager Safer Chemical Analytics is presenting at the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)’s SciCon 2 Virtual annual meeting this week. He is presenting with Jakub Kostal of The George Washington University on the concept of a Toxicological Threshold of Concern (TTC) for acute fish toxicity. A TTC has been defined as the level below which there exists very small concern for observation of toxicity. The concept underlying the presentation is that Big Data allow for the establishment of a universal TTC for acute fish toxicity without the need for actual animal testing. Only when a TTC is exceeded would more intricate and expensive testing methodologies be required.

Hans is also co-presenting a poster with Robert Hoke and John O’Connor from DuPont on DuPont and Verisk 3E’s collaborative project Chemical Awareness toolkit (CAt). CAt is a new product aimed at providing scientists and product stewards everywhere with the data to allow informed decision making. CAt is free with no registration required. CAt allows access to a wide variety of data including physicochemical properties, (eco) toxicological and other regulatory data from dozens of sources.

For more information or to request PDF’s of the presentations, please email Hans Plugge