Thailand Updates Requirements for Permitted Cosmetic Ingredients

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March 18, 2020Chanyanis UtiskulBlog

On 18 February 2020 the Thailand Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) published in the Gazette, the Notification of Ministry of Health Re: Prescribed Name, Quantity and Conditions of Substances That May Be Used as Ingredients in Cosmetic Products (No.3), B.E. 2562 (2019), dated 27 December 2019, revising the list of permitted cosmetic ingredients.

Twenty-nine substances were updated per the new requirements of this revision (MOPH Notification No.3 of 2019). The regulation entered into force on 19 February 2020.

Verisk 3E Review            

Regulations under the amendment revised the principal regulation, the Notification of Ministry of Health Re: Prescribed Name, Quantity and Conditions of Substances That May Be Used as Ingredients in Cosmetic Products, B.E. 2561 (2018), dated 6 June 2018, by updating the requirements for 29 chemical substances that are restricted ingredients in cosmetic products prescribed in its Annex.

Substances in this list are permitted for use in cosmetics products imported or manufactured in Thailand providing that their uses are in accordance with the conditions prescribed. The principal list includes approximately 200 substances with permitted restrictions on use types, concentration limits and other conditions such as labeling requirements. Chemicals contained in the list are similar to those included in Annex III, Part I of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Cosmetic Directive (ACD) - the List of substances which cosmetic products must not contain except subject to restrictions and conditions laid down.


While all ASEAN member countries have agreed to adopt the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD), the agreement does not specify any specific timeline for adoption. For Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health has implemented the national regulations to be aligned with changes in the updates to the ACD annexes through the issuance of the Notification of Ministry of Public Health (MOPH Notifications). To date there are Notifications on the list of prohibited and restricted ingredients, preservatives, UV filters and coloring substances.

These lists are virtually aligned with the structures under the ACD annexes, as they are being updated regularly. Changes under the amendment regulations typically involve the addition of and/or deletion of chemical substances, as well as the revision of the condition of use. 

The February 2020 update, per MOPH Notification No.3 of 2019, is the third revision of the list of restricted cosmetic ingredients. For more information, view the full list of chemicals.

Verisk 3E Analysis          

Manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products should consult the full list of chemicals to ensure that their products are in compliance with Thailand's requirements.