Webinar Watch: 2021 Q2 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know

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May 20, 2021Editorial TeamBlog

The second quarter of 2021 is well underway and our team of regulatory analysts compiled the most important updates to keep you informed of new and upcoming developments along with ways we can assist. Watch our "2021 Q2 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know" webinar, now available on demand.

There are changes happening around the globe and this webinar hones in on the regions with the most pressing changes that could impact your business.

Lets begin our journey in The Americas, where Canada's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is making moves. The proposed transition period is two years from publication of the final rule. In the United States, OSHA's proposed changes to align HCS with the 7th Revision of GHS has a proposed transition period of one to two years, depending on substances or mixtures, following publication of the effective final rule. Both of these changes require reclassification of chemicals, new labels and SDSs along with additional training of workers while delivering many benefits. Find out more in the webinar.

Continuing on to the EMEA region we are met with a proposal to extend the definition of Substances of Very High Concern under REACH. Additionally, plans are in place to amend the CLP regulation to introduce new hazard classes. 

Finally, we land in the APAC region where India will adopt new REACH-like regulations later this year. We cover the different enforcement timelines and regulatory obligations in the webinar. 

Moving on to Thailand, plans to update the HS Act are still in place however there is still no draft or indication on when this will finalize. 

Look to our webinar for an in-depth examination of each of these takeaways and more and don't hesitate to reach out if we can help your business navigate these changes.