Webinar Watch: 2022 Q2 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know

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June 23, 2022

Our “2022 Q2 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know” webinar is now available on demand. Watch as members of our Regulatory Research Team provide insight on important regulatory changes in China and the European Union. 

Watch as we explore topics including:

EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability 
•    CLP COM proposal – Draft document – Q2 2022
•    REACH COM proposal – Draft document – end of 2022
•    Wide range of consumer products – Long term impact
•    EU member state – minimum requirements for national control – Compliance enforcement 

Overview of China Major Chemical Management Schemes
•    Chemicals management in China
•    Inventory-driven: existing vs. new chemicals (new chemical notification)
•    Catalogue-driven: hazardous vs. non-hazardous chemicals (hazardous chemical registration)
•    Inventory checking may not be straightforward
•    Generics, confidential, permitted use scope, etc.
•    CBI applications shall be approved by MEE, free of charge
•    Foreign manufacturers shall appoint a Chinese representative for new chemical notification. Contract / agreement must be submitted through application.
•    New hazardous chemicals registration system 
•    Stay tuned for upcoming regulations regarding hazardous chemicals registration and QR code implementation

If you need to track regulatory changes like these and see how new requirements apply to your substances, formulations, products and suppliers, check out our 3E Insight for Chemicals regulatory research and decision support tool. To learn more about what’s on the regulatory horizon in China and the EU, watch our webinar.