Webinar Watch: New PFAS Regulations Around The Globe: Action Items For Your Company

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April 13, 20233E MarketingBlog

PFAS chemical regulations are proliferating from every corner of the globe. Our team of regulatory analysts compiled the most important updates to keep you informed as well as tips for staying compliant.

Watch our webinar, “New PFAS Regulations Around the Globe: Action Items for Your Company” and learn about these key take aways in the following regions:


  • Some PFAS compounds are already now regulated in the EU (POP, REACH, CLP)
  • Universal PFAS restriction is proposed
  • Assessing the impact of the proposal and comment on the proposal – public consultation opened on 22 March until 25th September
  • ECHA has written a short document specifically related to providing information on the PFAS restriction public consultation
  • Finding alternatives and/or changing processes (also nonchemical)

Asia Pacific:

  • Checking supply chain, manufacture, process, use and discharge activities:
    - Inventory of Toxic Chemicals Under Strict Restrictions (2020)
    -  National Catalogue of Hazardous Waste
  • List of Key New Pollutants for Control (2023 Version)
  • Bans effective dates and exemption deadlines (no longer exempted from bans)
    - PFOS: 1 March 2023, ban manufacture
    - PFOS firefighting foam: banned beginning 31 Dec. 2023
    - PFOS import & export: banned beginning 1 Jan. 2024
    - PFHxS: Beginning 1 March 2023, ban manufacture, processing and use
    - PFOA: Beginning 1 March 2023, ban manufacture, processing and use. Some exempted.

North America:

  • The definition of PFAS is not consistent at the U.S. Federal or State level
  • Several agencies are actively involved in regulating PFAS using many different programs
  • Many U.S. States are prohibiting PFAS in a range of consumer and industrial product types
  • Identifying PFAS in your products and supply chain is critical
  • Product testing and certificates of compliance may be required

Watch our webinar to learn more.

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