Webinar Watch: New Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

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January 18, 2023

Many companies struggle with understanding exactly what is in their supply chain. Lack of transparency makes it difficult to evaluate the compliance of upstream suppliers and quickly respond to requests for information from downstream customers.

3E can help. With our acquisition of Toxnot we have expanded our supply chain compliance suite, creating a more advanced and scalable solution which combines flexibility, control and analytics to help our customers solve supply chain data management challenges.

Interested in learning more? In our New Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chain Management webinar, now available on demand, we explore:

  • Ways to achieve your sustainability and circularity goals in 2023 and beyond
  • The roadmap for 3E’s supply chain and sustainability solutions
  • A live demo of the 3E Toxnot supply chain data management platform
  • New supplier engagement services and digital product passports

3E Toxnot enables you to collect and manage supply chain data, screen products for hazardous substances, maintain product compliance, share digital product passports and create sustainability reports.  

Watch the webinar to see new ways to improve product compliance, sustainability and circularity across the global supply chain.