Webinar Watch: Regulation of Chemicals in the Russian Federation

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chemical vials in lab with pink and blue liquid and microscope
October 26, 2021

Many chemical regulatory changes and new requirements are emerging in the Russian Federation. Emilia Vassileva, a Verisk 3E Senior Regulatory Research Analyst and regional expert, explores what’s new, what’s important and what’s mandatory in our recent webinar, now available on demand.

You’re invited to watch Regulation of Chemicals in the Russian Federation: What's New, What's Important, and What's Mandatory on demand.

Topics covered include:

  • Russian Chemical Inventory and EAEU Register of Chemicals
  • SDS, Classification and Labeling Standards: Current Status and Latest Developments
  •  Second-tier Implementation Documents to EAEU TR 041/2017: Status
  • New Russian EHS Legislation
  • Chemical Consumer Products: Latest Developments

Here are a few key takeaways and points to consider:

  • Timing of enforcement of the EAEU TR on safety of chemical products
    • Draft amendment adoption pending; enforcement date is undisclosed. The word on the street is November 2023
  • Second-tier legal documents 
    • Pending adoption and publication – Q4 2021 
  • Update the content of the Russian SDSs
    • Now!
  • Building the EAEU
  • National member states Inventory
    • Proactive submission of information
    • Extended deadline for existing on the market chemicals 
    • Kazakhstan / Belarus Inventory

Watch our on-demand webinar for expert analysis on what’s required to ensure product safety and chemical compliance in the Russian Federation. 

We can support you in understanding and complying with these obligations. Call on Verisk 3E for proven expertise and award winning solutions for regulatory research and decision support.