Webinar Watch: Regulatory Updates on Food Contact Materials in China

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April 28, 2022

For teams manufacturing, processing or selling packaged food or food contact materials in China, our latest webinar is an essential ingredient in ensuring product safety and compliance. So grab a snack and watch our Regulatory Updates on Food Contact Materials—What’s New in China webcast on demand. 

Watch as our compliance experts explore:

1) Regulatory Updates to the National Food Safety Standards for Food Contact Materials and Articles 

  • Proposed Standards
  • What's On the Horizon 

2) Recent Updates Concerning Declaration of Compliance, Proposed Guidelines 

  • FCMs 
  • Food Contact Adhesives 

3) Newly Approved Food Contact Substances and Materials 

  • Regulatory Background 
  • Approval Notices Issued in 2021-2022 
  • Pending Proposals 

You’ll learn how quickly regulatory activities in the field of food contact material compliance in China are increasing. There are now more regulatory requirements and restrictions covering a broader scope of food contact materials. 

We discuss the ways the cost of non-compliance in China may potentially increase. And we examine why it’s essential to pay close attention to activities by both the authorities and trade associations as industry guidance and standards issued by trade associations are playing an increasingly important role. Watch now! 

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