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3E proudly boasts a series of free, educational webinars designed to educate EHS, regulatory and supply chain professionals on the latest issues and topics affecting the EHS profession.

Product Transparency & Intellectual Property Protection

June 7, 2024

Join us for a discussion on the tension between the financial benefits of transparency and the barriers that companies face in reaching transparency goals. We suggest best practices for communicating with stakeholders about the fine line between transparency, IP, and data security. 

Be Confident In Your PFAS Compliance: Understand the Global Regulatory Framework.

May 3, 2024

The accelerated pace of PFAS regulation around the globe can be overwhelming. Watch 3E experts explain recent developments from the EU, U.S., and APAC so that you can report on PFAS in your products and eliminate them in the future.

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Better Supplier Data & DPPs: Achieving Product Compliance Today, Preparing for Circularity Tomorrow

April 4, 2024

Preparing for the future of sustainability relies on first ensuring product compliance with today's requirements. Learn how better supplier data and leveraging Digital Product Passports to store your product data can enable more efficient stewardship and sustainability.

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Are You Prepared? TSCA and the PFAS Data Reporting Requirement

December 4, 2023

Is your organization prepared to accurately report a decade of its PFAS data?   With the recent finalization of the TSCA PFAS Data Reporting requirement, companies have a greater regulatory burden than ever – and not much time to ensure compliance. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how.

2023 Q3 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know

September 7, 2023

See how our 3E’s team of Regulatory Analysts provide updates on new and upcoming regulatory developments impacting your business. In this quarterly update, we covered the latest changes in TSCA, PFAS, and EU chemical rules like EU REACH. We have also touched on what's happening now and what's coming up in Japan's ISHL regulations. Watch now on-demand! 

Emergency Preparedness – 24/7/365

August 2, 2023

Do you have a plan in place for unexpected emergencies? Are you aware of the vital role a comprehensive emergency call center plays in safeguarding your operations? We invite you to register for exclusive webinar where we will delve into the world of emergency preparedness and reveal how our 24/7/365 hotline number is more than just a number, now available on-demand!

2023 Q2 Regulatory Roundup - What You Need to Know

June 13, 2023

Watch 3E’s team of Regulatory Analysts as they provide updates on new and upcoming regulatory developments impacting your business. For this quarterly roundup, we'll be covering the latest in TSCA, PFAS, GHS and various chemical compliance developments around the globe. Now available on-demand! 

Case Study – How Novalis Streamlines Supply Chain Data Collaboration via Digital Product Passports

May 31, 2023

Sharing compliance, sustainability and circularity data with customers can be a surprisingly large effort for companies. It is also central to helping companies achieve their sustainability, ESG and carbon goals. Fortunately, the European Union has introduced the concept of an expandable digital framework called the Digital Product Passport (DPP), and we’ll share how Novalis is using the Digital Product Passports on the Toxnot Exchange to achieve their reporting needs and collect supplier data. You can register now to watch this webinar on-demand.

New PFAS Regulations Around the Globe: Action Items for Your Company

April 13, 2023

Watch this webinar where our regulatory experts will update you on the ever-changing regulatory landscape of PFAS chemicals. Based on the regions in scope (North America, EMEA, APAC), our experts will highlight current and upcoming regulatory requirements and some action items for companies to stay compliant. Watch now on-demand!  

A Global Approach to Chemical & Workplace Safety

April 11, 2023

Watch our webinar to find out about how and why chemical and workplace safety is a critical issue that affects people and environments all over the world. Learn about how a global approach to chemical and workplace safety can help ensure that people are protected from the harmful effects of exposure to hazardous chemicals and unsafe work environments. Watch now on-demand! 

Upcoming North America GHS Changes Impacting Safety Data Sheets and Product Compliance

March 14, 2023

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the upcoming OSHA and Health Canada updates to GHS. Learn how to remain globally compliant when the regulatory landscape is constantly changing by allowing 3E to be an extension of your Product Stewardship department, now on-demand!