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Enhance your ability to innovate new products faster

With limited resources, continually changing regulatory obligations, rapid fire customer demands, and information locked in siloed systems, R&D professionals are required to be more agile than ever before. Every decision, particularly those made early on in the product development lifecycle, has a significant impact on your ability to meet those demands. When compliance requirements aren't considered during early stage development, you run the risk of having to rework the formulation of your finished goods if your raw materials fail to comply with regulatory obligations or meet customer needs. 

With 3E™ as your single trusted source for global regulatory expertise and compliance solutions you will be able to proactively anticipate and manage regulatory changes, respond quickly to changing customer requirements, avoid supply chain disruption and accelerate time to market. We deliver the most comprehensive and powerful suite of intelligent compliance solutions that enables better decisions. 

Product Compliance

Despite efforts at international harmonization, chemical-containing products are regulated inconsistently throughout the world. Product manufacturers often need to track thousands of regulations across various jurisdictions to ensure products are compliant globally. Only 3E can empower you with comprehensive regulatory insights that can be directly embedded throughout your R&D processes to drive informed, proactive decisions.

Ensure products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets

Identify disclosure requirements and exposure limits for your products' ingredients

Comply with export and import notification requirements

Regulatory Reference

Ensure safe storage, handling, transport and disposal of substances and products

Storage, Transport & Waste

Fulfill supplier questionnaires and suitability assessments

Gather material disclosures, substance declarations, organic/kosher/halal/certificates, certificates of origin from supplers

Supply Chain Management

Integrate relevant, comprehensive compliance related data into third party ERP, PLM, or EHS systems

Integrated Content

Regulatory Research and Monitoring

Constantly changing regulations. Numerous regulatory authorities. Multiple jurisdictions. Countless sources scattered across thousands of websites in inconsistent formats. How do you keep up? 3E provides a single source for global chemical regulatory content, news and expert analysis in one central, searchable, user-friendly repository.

Stay abreast of new and emerging proposed regulations

Access global news coverage

Regulatory Monitoring

Research how substances are regulated in your countries, regions and markets of interest

Identify compliance requirements early in the product development lifecycle

Regulatory Reference

Chemical Risk Assessment and Management

How effectively are you protecting people, communities and the environment? With increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to identify risk and replace harmful chemicals with safer, more eco-friendly alternatives, there is a growing need for chemical risk assessment and management as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. 3E is uniquely qualified to evaluate the relative hazards of existing chemicals or products and recommend safer alternatives. While most screening tools can only assess single chemical components, 3E Green Score™, our innovative risk scoring methodology, enables you to screen a complex chemical mixture in seconds.

Leverage toxicological expertise

Regulatory Consulting

Risk assessment and management

Evaluate hazards

Assess products or mixtures in seconds

Create risk cards


Safer Chemical Analytics

Hazard Communication / SDS Authoring and Distribution

Effective, compliant and up-to-date documents - especially SDSs - are not only a global requirement, but serve as the critical centerpiece for enabling effective product stewardship practices throughout the product's lifecycle. In today's environment, merely producing an SDS is not enough. Quality, accuracy, and currency are critical components to fulfilling the original intentions for the document in the first place. 3E offers a variety of options to meet these demands.

Generate compliant SDSs, labels, exposure scenarios and extended SDSs 

Ensure your downstream customers have access to your products' SDSs

SDS Authoring & Distribution

Provide an emergency phone number on your products' SDS

Emergency Response

Integrate regulatory data, rules, phrases and templates into an existing third party or in-house authoring system

Integrated Content