Supply Chain Stewardship

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Manage and exchange material, product and supplier information across the global supply chain

With regulatory requirements expanding and public pressure for transparency, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) increasing, the ability to efficiently collect, validate and share product and supply chain compliance information has never been more critical.

Let 3E™ help you streamline the exchange of material, product and supplier information throughout the global supply chain. 3E can stand as your single source of truth for supply chain compliance, creating an intelligent and actionable knowledge base for the origins, makeup and compliance status of your substances, components and products.

Engage Suppliers Everywhere

Chasing down material and compliance data from suppliers to satisfy downstream customer demands for information is time consuming, difficult and resource intensive. 3E's supply chain specialists reach out to your suppliers, vendors and contacts for you so you can focus on your core business.


Gather disclosures and declarations and certificates from upstream suppliers for obligations related to conflict minerals, REACH, ROHS and CA Prop 65

Fulfull supplier questionnaires and suitability assessments

Supply Chain Compliance

Create and Manage Declarations

Obtaining information from suppliers is only half of the equation. And what if they can't produce the documentation you need in order to satisfy your customer? 3E can fill data gaps and provide a robust online platform to collect, organize, analyze, manage, report and provide access to a variety of compliance conditions related to your suppliers, raw materials and products. 

Manage documentation from upstream suppliers and determine risk status of materials, suppliers and products in your supply chain

Supply Chain Compliance

Validate, augment or create missing compliance documentation 

Regulatory Consulting

Conduct Regulatory Research and Monitor Regulations

Constantly changing regulations. Numerous regulatory authorities. Multiple jurisdictions. Countless sources scattered across thousands of website in inconsistent formats. How do you keep up? 3E provides a single source for global chemical regulatory content, news and expert analysis in one central, searchable, user-friendly repository.

Stay abreast of new and emerging proposed regulations

Access global news coverage

Regulatory Monitoring

Research how substances are regulated in your countries, regions and markets of interest

Identify compliance requirements early in the product development lifecycle

Regulatory Reference

Properly Ship Dangerous Goods

Ensuring compliant shipment of your product through the supply chain is essential for protecting workers, the community and the environment. 3E transportation specialists are well versed in the area of dangerous goods transportation and can classify materials for any mode - ground, air or water- based on 49 CFR HMR, IACO (IATA) DGR, IMDG Code and Canadian TDG regulations.

Ensure shipments are properly classified and shipped with appropriate packaging, marking and labeling

Transportation Services