Supply Chain Stewardship

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Safe & Sustainable Starts with Knowing What's In Your Supply Chain

Meet ESG goals with 3E Exchange to get supply chain data and streamline compliance & sustainability reporting

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Be Prepared for a Circular Future

Unified supply chain platform for supplier data, compliance, and sustainability

Our platform helps you instantly replace spreadsheets and never-ending surveys, organize your entire library of supply chain data and streamline workflows for every customer.

  • Save time evaluating compliance, sustainability, circularity, and full material disclosure.
  • Streamline your access to supplier data with digital product passports.
  • Delight your customers with timely customized responses.
  • 3E partners with SAP to offer seamless data integration.


Confidently Get Your Supplier Data

Suppliers don't always respond. We've already got their number.

3E is the global leader in obtaining detailed product safety data for the world's largest companies. Our platform helps do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and money.

  • Gain access to 175,000+ supplier relationships
  • Get worldwide supplier coverage and expertise
  • Receive on-demand support when you need us



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Scalable for Everyone, Everywhere

Get up and running right away. 3E Exchange is designed to easily get started and scale to your needs.

  • Create organizational value faster
  • Confidently control your material data
  • Protect your intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Choose a flexible plan that fits your needs


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