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Leverage and align your compliance strategy to advance your sustainability and resiliency goals

As regulations evolve and customers and stakeholders alike demand additional transparency , managing product and workplace safety and compliance while moving toward sustainability becomes more complex and more critical.

We equip our customers with the tools to create value through sustainability: achieve sustainable product innovation, capitalize on cost efficiencies, attract investors, limit regulatory risks, and advance ESG reporting by taking command of actionable data to manage material ESG issues.

Address core sustainability challenges - supply chain, regulatory and chemical data management - with 3E.

Track & report upstream product compliance & supply chain data

Ensuring safety & sustainability throughout the product lifecycle starts with knowing what’s in your supply chain. 3E Exchange allows you to collect and aggregate data from suppliers at each step of the product lifecycle, ensuring compliance and speeding time to market. 

We support supplier engagement and collect product-level data through questionnaires, surveys and dedicated outreach, so you can easily track and report upstream product compliance & supply chain information that is critical to reporting actions and ratings outcomes in ESG rating systems.

Fulfill supplier questionnaires and suitability assessments 

Engage and obtain material and compliance data from suppliers to satisfy downstream customer demands 

Supply Chain Compliance
Integrate regulatory data with your ERPs, streamlining compliance reporting

As companies face the challenge of complex market-specific regulations, exacting industry standards and increased consumer scrutiny, the need for regulatory intelligence has never been more critical.  

We support the interpretation of existing & upcoming regulations that affect your product portfolio in one central, searchable, user-friendly repository and integrate our world-class regulatory content directly into your systems so that you can swiftly monitor & adapt to evolving compliance requirements that impact your ESG scores. 

Integrate relevant, comprehensive compliance related data into third party ERP, PLM, or EHS systems

Integrated Content

Ensure products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets 

Identify disclosure requirements and exposure limits for your products' ingredients 

Comply with export and import notification requirements 

Regulatory Reference

Stay abreast of new and emerging proposed regulations 

Access global news coverage

Regulatory Monitoring
Create a single source to manage & report on chemical safety metrics

SDS and chemical management is a required process to create the essential inputs for creating external-facing compliance and sustainability reporting.  

We support you in managing your chemical inventory and maintain accurate, timely data records, so that you can create a single source to actively manage & report on chemical safety metrics to support ESG disclosures.

Maintain an accurate inventory of chemicals and associated SDSs 

Create compliant secondary container labels 

Define approval process for controlling the purchasing of chemicals 

SDS & Chemical Management