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Utilities are under tremendous pressure, receiving intense regulatory, legislative and public scrutiny to modernize their infrastructure, update transmission lines and equipment, and reform energy regulations. 3E's, powerful suite of outsourced services can be tailored to assist all kinds of utility companies, such as electric, gas, nuclear, sanitation, and water companies, in maintaining compliance and improving EHS performance. 

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Protect your workforce

With many utility companies under significant pressure from forced downsizing due to cost pressure, mergers and acquisitions, and de-regulation, it is becoming more difficult for overburdened EHS staff, faced with fewer resources and an increase in regulatory requirements, to adequately focus on all of the EHS functions. 3E's services have been proven to deliver cost savings, updates on changing regulations, and provide online access to hazardous material information for satisfied customers at thousands of sites. Some of the areas where 3E can help include:

  • Providing employees with unrestricted access to SDSs
  • Managing and controlling which chemical products are purchased and brought on site to facilities
  • Analyzing the toxicity of products to be used by employees for safer alternatives and better purchasing decisions
  • Providing round-the-clock support to employees in the event of a chemical release, exposure, inhalation or spill

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