Conflict Minerals

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Mandatory and voluntary conflict mineral initiatives – know your role

Complying with conflict mineral regulations and voluntary initiatives can be fraught with challenges including communicating with suppliers, fielding requests, changing contracts, making public statements on the adopted conflict minerals policy and educating suppliers about why this information is necessary. It is especially challenging to do this across time zones in different languages and can seem like an insurmountable hurdle when proprietary information seems at risk.

Meeting stakeholder and regulatory obligations

3E™ offers a comprehensive solution to help our customers satisfy the obligations set forth by Dodd Frank Section 1502 and meet the demands of internal and external stakeholders for Conflict Mineral status information. Our complete solution enables customers to leverage their investment in Conflict Minerals compliance into fulfillment of an even broader scope of supply chain product requirements. The solution can be utilized to obtain, document and manage a variety of product specific data in support of a complete compliance-based risk profile.

Collect and manage, or create, CMRTs

Obtain, index and analyze information from suppliers

Aggregate information to complete SEC filings

Supply Chain Compliance

Develop a compliance risk portfolio for a specific product regulation, industry or market

Conduct research to fill knowledge gaps

Create compliance documents

Regulatory Consulting

News and analysis on new and emerging regulations

Access to key regulatory, commodity and industry news

Insightful analysis of regulatory changes for powerful decision support

Regulatory Monitoring