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Future-Proof Your Compliance

Are you compliant with current and upcoming PFAS regulations that may affect your suppliers and products? Is your organization prepared to report over a decade of its PFAS data?

Achieving and maintaining compliance with the new regulations is a serious matter that will take your team back on an approximately 12-year journey that will significantly affect your team workload.

3E is your one-stop shop for PFAS compliance. Instill transparency in your organization’s processes and reduce PFAS risk exposure.

Minimize Noncompliance Risk

You can’t protect against PFAS related risks if you don’t know what they are. 3E provides essential information and decision support for the PFAS compliance issues your business will encounter – today and tomorrow.

We provide easy access to comprehensive PFAS regulatory requirements, enabling tracking and management of compliance with regulations at local, national, and international levels.

Ensure products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets

Identify disclosure requirements and exposure limits for your products’ ingredients

Comply with export and import notification requirements

Regulatory Reference
Centralize Compliance and Governance

Our PFAS solutions and services form a complete PFAS compliance and governance resource for your business, enabling your team to standardize workflows and focus on value-add activities.

Save valuable time and resources with a single source of truth. Eliminate the need to research regulations and track news from multiple sources, and free up calendar space for the work that matters most.

Integrated relevant, comprehensive compliance-related data into third-party ERP, PLM, or EHS systems

Integrated Content
Access Global PFAS News and Trends in Key Markets

Our regulatory experts monitor PFAS regulatory trends and updates across 120+ countries and support in over 50 languages to ensure you maintain access to key markets.

Stay compliant with important PFAS regulatory changes under TSCA, REACH, and more.

Stay abreast of new and emerging proposed regulations

Access global news coverage

Regulatory Monitoring