Poison Centre Notifications

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Do you have the resources, data and expertise to effectively and efficiently comply with EU Poison Centre Notification obligations?

For companies selling hazardous chemical mixtures in Europe, complying with poison centre notification (PCN) obligations under the CLP Regulation requires significant expertise and resources. Under Annex VIII harmonization efforts are being put into place to improve poison centre emergency response. However, the new regulatory framework institutes several new requirements including assigning Unique Formulation Identifiers (UFIs), providing full chemical composition and toxicological data and changing product labels and SDSs, making compliance even more complex and time consuming.

View our PCN video series for more information.

3E’s team of PCN experts worked closely with ECHA to develop solutions to help companies meet both current and upcoming obligations efficiently and effectively. Our 3E Notify™ for Poison Centres application is a cloud-based notification engine that seamlessly integrates with your 3E Generate™ or SAP EHS or S/4HANA® for product compliance platform. The 3E Notify application provides an automated, optimized end-to-end solution for the generation and submission of poison centre notifications. 

We also offer PCN services ranging from data obtainment to complete notification compilation and submission. Call on our PCN team for guidance in understanding PCN requirements and their impact on your business, planning and analysis, data obtainment, UFI strategy development, notification submission and SDS and label udpates.

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Poison Centre Notification