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Expanding REACH and REACH-like regulations and their impact on your business

Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes face rising challenges as a result of increasing globalization in the marketplace and changing international regulatory initiatives. The Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

When considering compliance with REACH, most companies think only of the EU. However, other countries are implementing or have implemented REACH-like regulations, including Korea, Turkey and the United Kingdom (UK) due to Brexit. Defining your REACH – and conforming to the requirements of that particular role – can be incredibly challenging. 

Companies are likely to seek assistance from a number of consultants and/or service providers throughout various adoption and implementation phases. There is no single "REACH Solution" that can be purchased that takes care of all aspects of REACH; however, companies that are impacted by REACH should seek assistance from providers who thoroughly understand the EU, UK and Korean regulatory environment and are well-versed in data and information as it relates to global EHS regulations. 3E™ has leveraged more than three decades of experience in chemical, regulatory and compliance management to create a comprehensive suite of intelligent compliance solutions that can help companies with the preparation process and with ongoing compliance.

Substance information management

Unparalleled chemical and regulatory content fuels all of the REACH support that 3E offers. Our content consists of a massive, aggregated collection of lists, legislation, and compliance guides for regulated chemicals throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction, including official REACH lists of chemical substances and existing IUCLID 5 substance dossiers. Lists of chemicals and substances will continue to be included as they are published by ECHA and Korea as well as physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data as it is submitted and accumulated. Content is updated regularly to ensure you always have current information at your fingertips. 3E content is available via web-based regulatory research tools or integrated into third party systems and can be leveraged to create Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS).

Categorize and identify substances

Identify exemptions

Search for chemicals

Regulatory Reference

Rules and templates integrated into SAP, including eSDSs

Multilingual Exposure Phrase Library for creating Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs) 

Integrated Content

Supply chain communication

REACH requires communication up and down the supply chain. At 3E, we can leverage our global supplier network to quickly identify critical REACH contacts within your supply chain. Our experienced, in-house obtainment team reaches deep into your supplier base for supplier and product level data, enabling you to assess compliance with a growing list of key requirements, including REACH.

Robust REACH data fed directly into your ERP system

Easy access to lists of SVHC chemicals

Supply Chain Compliance

News and analysis on new and emerging regulations

Stay abreast of the status of new and proposed SVHC chemicals

Insightful analysis of regulatory changes for powerful decision support 

Regulatory Monitoring

Registration support

For EU REACH, establishing which category individual substances in your chemical inventory fall into – whether manufactured in the EU, imported into the EU, or purchased from a supplier within the EU – can be a challenge without a way to convert information about the full composition of mixtures into information at the substance level. And that’s only a piece of the puzzle – the volume in which the substances are used is part of the requirement as well, as is ensuring that product/substance used with your facility will be registered by the manufacturer/importer. 3E’s SDS and Chemical Management solutions can help.

End to end SDS and chemical management, including:

REACH Impact Analysis

Ongoing Inventory Management and Volume Tracking

Supply Chain Communication

SDS & Chemical Management

Consultancy on all aspects of REACH

Acting as a third party representative 

eSDS authoring training

Determination of Safe Use Information for mixtures

Regulatory Consulting

Authoring, producing and distributing extended SDSs

As companies consider the impact of REACH on SDSs for updates and/or new SDSs, 3E offers a suite of Authoring Software & Services to help alleviate some of the burden. We can support the additional information requirements for the Extended Safety Data Sheets as required by REACH, and even author Exposure Scenarios for pure substances and components within a mixture for inclusion as a separate document, or attached to and integrated within part of the European eSDS.

A robust SDS and label authoring platform featuring a range of REACH-specific features

Outsourced SDS authoring services 

Tools and services to distribute SDSs to downstream users and customers

SDS Authoring Software & Services
Brexit and UK REACH

With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (“Brexit”) complete, the regulation of chemicals in Great Britain now falls under British rather than EU law. This introduces new requirements for companies in Great Britain and challenges for companies outside of Great Britain who export to British companies. The changes impact classification and labelling, registration of chemicals (REACH), import/export of hazardous chemicals (PIC), biocides and Plant Protection Products. Under Brexit substances placed on the market in Great Britain must comply with UK REACH rather than EU REACH, with significant implications for importers. 3E can help you understand the new requirements and fulfill your obligations including UK REACH Downstream User Import Notifications (DUIN) due by 27 October 2021. 

Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN) Service

GB CLP Substance Notification

Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Notification and Reporting Support

GB Chemical Regulation Analysis and Support

Regulatory Consulting

Robust SDS and label authoring

Documents and labels conforming to GB and EU (Northern Ireland) requirements

SDS Authoring