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Global Regulation of Substances in Electronics - is your business impacted?

For manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment, the regulations on the safe disposal and treatment of e-waste are an ever-growing concern. The EU (European Union) adopted legislation in 2003 restricting the use of hazardous substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment to address the growing problem of the increasing volume of toxic e-waste. RoHS is closely aligned with other directives, such as the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and more obligations are coming.

Staying compliant with regulations such as RoHS and the WEEE Directive can be challenging. As manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of EEE navigate the complexities of the global regulatory landscape, they must optimize compliance processes and structure in order to ensure conformance with existing and emerging regulations. Some companies may decide to choose an offering which consists of not only software, but also relevant data and services, to enable them to respond rapidly to changing regulations in a manner that shows proven thought leadership.

Understanding your obligations and demonstrating supply chain stewardship

3E’s core competence lies in researching, obtaining, aggregating, validating, and enriching compliance related data and making it actionable and available to our customers. Our industry-leading data and content is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and accurate collection available. We have learned from decades of experience that regulatory research and data obtainment requires both the science of technology and art of the human touch. We are experts at obtaining and managing data, offering unique insights that enable customers to reduce cost and risk while improving processes. Access to this content enables you to assess compliance with a growing list of key requirements, including RoHS.

Collect, validate and manage RoHS certificates of compliance

Identify products containing RoHS article 4 (1) restricted substances

Supply Chain Compliance

News and analysis on new and emerging regulations

Access to key regulatory, commodity and industry news

Insight analysis of regulatory changes for powerful decision support

Regulatory Monitoring

Access thousands of searchable chemical lists

Full text regulations, guidance documents and overviews

Individual state regulations for banned or restricted substances

Regulatory Reference