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Valuable resources to facilitate the exchange of information up and down the supply chain

Welcome to the 3E Supplier Resource Center, a destination designed to facilitate the exchange of information between manufacturers and their suppliers. Understanding the origins of materials used to make finished products is becoming increasingly important. As the demand for transparency along the supply chain grows, 3E™ stands ready to provide tools and information to enable full supply chain material compliance. This Supplier Resource Center is designed to provide easy access to the most current training materials, forms and standards.

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As a supplier who may or may not have a relationship with 3E, you may be wondering why 3E is contacting you, how we obtained your contact details, or how to best respond to the request for information. Find the answers to these questions as well as additional valuable resources. It is our goal that suppliers understand the regulatory and business requirements driving the demands for detailed information. We are aware some regulatory information may not have been previously requested. 3E looks forward to demonstrating the value of our role, fostering a relationship, while helping our mutual customers succeed.

You may contact us at or call +1 760.476.3984 at any time. Our dedicated Supplier Relations team, based in North America, can help you understand how to submit the information required.

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