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Form Completion Instructions

The 3ETM Supplier Portal was designed to facilitate the exchange of information throughout the supply chain while minimizing the burden placed on the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The documentation and recorded presentations found in this section provide guidance to assist with completing requests for information using the web forms. You can find the web forms either through the self-registered Supplier Portal or the unique link provided to you by email.  For additional information or support addressing specific questions please contact the 3E Supplier Relations team at  Choose from the list below:

Help with attaching a document for several request types:

  • ​Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • US Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • US Food Contact FDA certification
  • US California Proposition 65
  • US EPA Clean Air Act (CAA) 611
  • US CONEG Heavy Metals in Packaging
  • Canadian Domestic Substance List (DSL)
  • Canada Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)
  • EU RoHS Certification
  • EU REACH Compliance
  • EU REACH Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC)
  • EU Food Packaging certification
  • Allergens
  • Dioxins, chlorine
  • Food Safety Program
  • ISO Certification

About 3E Connect Supply Chain Solutions

3E™ offers a comprehensive solution to help your organization comply with a multitude of regulations. We leverage our global supplier network to identify critical contacts within your supply chain. Utilizing our own experienced, North American-based obtainment team, we reach deep into your supplier base to gather, validate, contextualize and enrich the needed supplier and product-level data. This content is securely stored in 3E Connect, our industry-leading web-based software platform, which can also be integrated with your ERP system. 3E Connect enables your organization to manage a variety of compliance requirements in a single platform.

Valuable resources to facilitate the exchange of information up and down the supply chain

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Links and resources including:

Regulatory Guidance

Links to Regulatory Authorities

Free Certification Templates

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