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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received an email asking for information. Why is 3E™ contacting me?
A: As a supplier to a 3E Connect™, client, and your customer, you are being asked to complete compliance surveys. These surveys will allow your customer to review your compliance status as a current supplier.

Q: Why does 3E™ have my contact information?
A: 3E is employed by your customers to conduct outreach and source information from their supplier networks. Our mutual customer has enlisted 3E’s assistance in obtaining this information from you by providing necessary contact information and authorization to reach out to you directly on their behalf.

Q: How do I complete my response?
A: To complete your response, click on the “Complete Form” link in the email you’ve received from 3E. If you need additional help click on the link found upper left called Form Completion Instructions.

Q: Why would my customer ask me for this information?
A: Your customer is asking for this information to fulfill any number of regulatory requirements.

Q: Do I have to complete the forms?
A: Yes. All suppliers are being asked to complete the forms. By providing required regulatory information to your customer, you are helping them to build a more compliant supply chain.

Q: How often will I be asked for this information?
A: In most cases, you will be asked for information on an annual basis. In the event that you are asked for information more frequently, please update all information as needed. The frequency depends on the regulation and your customer’s requirement.

Q: If I do not think the regulation applies to my company or product what should I do?
A: Please do not simply delete or ignore the request.  Each request must be resolved so that your customer can correct future requests through 3E. For example if you are a service provider and you are asked a material regulation question we need to understand that as soon as possible.  Conflict Minerals can be answered No for each metal in question 1 & 2 in some cases.  You can contact us at  

Q: What is a CAS number and where can someone go to find one?​
A: A Chemical Abstract Services number is a number assigned to every known substance chemical by a division of the American Chemical Society out of Columbus, Ohio.  Several regulatory content sources such as 3E Insight™, have the capability to search by chemical name, CAS or perhaps a related European Community (EC) number. The number acts as a unique identifier in computer systems, regulations and databases. 

Q: What if I find new information after I submit my form?
A: If you receive pertinent information after you submit your form, we would very much appreciate the update. It will be incorporated into the existing information for reporting purposes. You can send us updated information anytime by emailing

Q: Where do I go for help?
A: You may contact or call +1 760.476.3984 at any time. We are here to support you and to help you complete this form. You can also visit to view webinars and access published articles.

Q: Where do I send the form once it's complete?
A: Please send the completed form to

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