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Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies Enjoys Clear Global SDS Authoring that Flows with 3E Generate


Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) provides a complete range of solutions and services to design, build, maintain, and upgrade water treatment facilities and systems for public water authorities and industrial clients. 

Its Hydrex™ line of organic and inorganic water treatment chemicals and additives includes more than 400 formulations that protect against scale deposition, corrosion and fouling to reduce environmental risks and unnecessary downtime, optimize productivity, and help save energy.

The Hydrex line includes a full range of chemical products for cooling, boiling, waste, potable, and process waters, along with more than 150 technologies for process and waste waters and services that include maintenance, analytics, auditing, and training. 

The Hydrex division has 6,000 direct customers worldwide and 550 employees in 40 countries.


Veolia operates more than 5,000 water treatment facilities across the world, including process, boiler feed, cooling water, waste water and sludge treatment. As a global organization, VWS faces the challenge of tracking international initiatives aimed at protecting the health and safety of employees and end-users of hazardous materials, as well as the environment. 

Valérie Sallenave is one of the company’s European Hydrex experts. In this role, she is responsible for the authoring and management of the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for the Hydrex line of products. There are more than 10,000 active SDSs in Veolia’s Hydrex catalog, which comprises more than 30,000 tons of chemicals and 2,500 product references.

“Our Hydrex line has experienced very rapid development and growth in recent years,” said Ms. Sallenave.  “As such, we needed to rapidly and efficiently develop accurate SDSs and labels for these new products that would conform to the various regulations of the country in which they are distributed. Developing compliant hazard communication documentation in a multitude of languages is a challenge to say the least.”

Veolia previously relied on a more limited authoring software platform from a regional vendor to develop SDSs, but business needs soon surpassed the system’s capabilities. Thus Ms. Sallenave and her team began searching for a new global platform with expansive multi-lingual authoring functionality. 

“We realized that we needed a truly global solution provider; as our previous software didn’t take various national regulations into account. As a result, we were forced to research these regulations manually, which was very time consuming and cumbersome,” said Ms. Sallenave.

“As an organization committed to complying with all chemical regulations, it was extremely important for us to find a solution that simplified the process of tracking international chemical regulatory guidelines and provided accurate and compliant hazard communication documentation.”

“We needed a solution that would enable us to access the proper documents to comply with international regulations for SDSs. With customers in nearly 40 countries, we also required multilingual capabilities. Our top priority was to find a system that could guarantee that all relevant types of regulation were followed. We were also looking for a strong regulatory and technical database to ensure that all of our various obligations would be met,” she continued.


To meet the host of complex international requirements and better manage its compliance challenges, VWS turned to 3E’s 3E Generate solution – the leading globally-established and scalable hazard communication and chemical regulatory compliance software system.

VWS’ IT team worked closely with 3E’s 3E Generate implementation team to ensure that the deployment progressed quickly and according to schedule.  

“Our support team at 3E has always been very responsive and eager to accommodate our requests,” said Ms. Sallenave. “We have received a high level of customer service starting from our installation.”

Once the platform was in production, Ms. Sallenave and her team participated in extensive training to ensure that they were leveraging 3E Generate features to their full capabilities. 

“The 3E Generate training was wonderful – very comprehensive,” said Ms. Sallenave. “In our early days of authoring, the training was instrumental in helping our team become familiar with this powerful new platform.”


The VWS team has realized significant benefits since deploying 3E Generate, including increased efficiency in developing multi-lingual hazard communication documentation.

“We utilize 3E Generate on a daily basis to create SDSs and labels in approximately 30 different languages,” said Ms. Sallenave.  “In addition, since deploying 3E Generate, we have greatly improved the quality of the data found on our SDSs.” 

Having a single platform deployed enterprise-wide has also improved the team’s workflow.  “We have authors spread across the US, Middle East, Asia and Europe, and with MSDgen, our team can work on a document for the same product, and communicate comments and notes within the system. Our documents are typically the result of a collaborative effort, with 3E Generate very useful in facilitating this approach,” said Ms. Sallenave.

“We are also quite pleased with 3E Generate’s full labeling capabilities, which allow us to author labels and manage associated labeling data from the same centralized system as the SDSs. We now have a single solution for generating all of our regulatory compliance documents,” she continued.

VWS can easily create custom rules using 3E Generate’s solution, which allows VWS to add data for classification profiles and generate a variety of SDS and label templates to meet both global and internal compliance requirements.

“Overall, we are very satisfied with and impressed by the platform,” said Ms. Sallenave. “The system is a very useful and beneficial tool for our team, especially as we expand into new country markets. 3E Generate’s proven capability as a reliable and robust multi-lingual authoring platform gives us the flexibility to quickly and efficiently meet the regulatory demands we face from new markets and emerging global regulatory requirements.”

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