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Vigon Case Study

Vigon International Manufacturers Compliant SDSs for Flavor and Fragrance Industry with 3E Generate SDS Authoring Platform


Vigon International, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality specialty ingredients, providing more than 2,000 different products and servicing customers in select flavor, fragrance, cosmetic, and specialty ingredient market segments. Vigon’s comprehensive manufacturing and distribution capabilities coupled with its key partnerships has firmly established it as one of the most progressive companies in the industry.


Vigon’s commitment to excellence is clear in all that they do. In fact, the company prides itself on its ongoing dedication to doing things the “right” way – even though at times, extra cost or time may be required to get the job completed with high quality results.

When the company realized that its Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) lacked the desired detail and accuracy, as well as a framework for forthcoming GHS requirements of their global customers, CEO Steve Somers made an executive decision to proactively address the situation.

“When we realized that we could no longer author SDSs the way we had been because our multi-lingual requirements were expanding and GHS deadlines were looming on the horizon, we knew we needed to bring in an outside partner to augment our efforts,” said Somers. “We started evaluating authoring platforms to streamline our hazard communication documentation development process. We initially had about a dozen solutions on the list, and then we narrowed it down to six, then finally down to two or three. We did extensive research because we wanted to make sure we chose the right platform for our business and for our customers.”

Somers and his team identified several key features and functionality that the chosen solution should have, including integrated classification logic and templates, an extensive regulatory database, and the ability to reliably generate GHS-conforming hazard communication documentation.

“We sell more than 2,000 different products and our product database is very large compared to our competitors. We are shipping to more than 45 different countries around the world – access to a wide range of inventories is paramount,” said Somers.


“After careful review and consideration, 3E Generate came out on top,” said Somers. “3E Generate best matched with the types of requirements that we have as an ingredient company – we are single chemical driven. It became clear as the team demonstrated and presented 3E Generate's capabilities for us that the solution could get us closer to where we needed to be with less customization than the competing solutions. The product is simply more technical than others on the market.”

3E Generate is 3E’s premiere SDS and label authoring system, providing in-house environmental, health and safety (EHS), research and development (R&D) and product stewardship professionals the tools needed to effectively manage the complexities of producing and maintaining globally compliant and reliable hazard communication documentation. The 3E team works with customers to achieve the highest possible long-term value by providing SDS authoring software and management tools that are easily adapted to work within various business and technical environments – even in complex global environments such as Vigon’s.

3E Generate users enjoy the unique benefits of having the software, data, services and support from a single source. 3E is the only EHS vendor to offer a unique and powerful combination of integrated and optimized world-class regulatory content, sophisticated authoring data management tools, and comprehensive outsourced services to support product and workplace safety and stewardship.

Somers is quick to point out the benefit of having 3E’s robust and reliable regulatory data integrated into the platform. “Having access to the 3E database was a tremendous competitive differentiator from my standpoint. Some of the competing solutions that we looked at were actually subscribing to 3E’s database. 3E Generate has the advantage of being integrated directly with the database,” he said.

“The volume of the data throughout the system is very impressive,” said Danna Ward, Quality Systems Manager, Vigon.  “I feel like we get more data with 3E Generate than we would from a competing solution. In addition, the built in GHS classification algorithms and the volume of the regulatory data make the authoring process much easier.”


Since deploying 3E Generate, Vigon has recognized a wide range of benefits, including increased quality of SDSs and more efficient change management.

“Prior to using 3E Generate we were using a homegrown system that worked fairly well but it was no where nearly as sophisticated as 3E Generate. We had to do a lot of manual looks ups. With the automation, robust classification, and automated authoring provided through 3E Generate’s Rules, the quality of the SDSs that we are producing has significantly improved,” said Somers.

“Our partnership with 3E gives me the confidence that once we do author a document, if there are changes in the hazards of a material, we will get an update related to that. The information will flow back to us, and we can update our customers. Information is dynamically updated,” he continued.

Vigon also appreciates 3E’s responsiveness and commitment to excellence. “3E has been very supportive and willing to engage with us on recommended modification and enhancements. They are user supportive and working to strengthen the product all the time,” said Somers.

“Our products are not stagnant – we are constantly changing and improving – that’s the kind of company that we are. We are always looking to be more productive and efficient. And we look for similar qualities in a partner. We look for someone that is cutting edge, and we’ve found that in 3E. I sleep better at night knowing that 3E is constantly on guard for regulatory changes and developments,” said Somers.


“Overall, we feel the value is there with 3E Generate – the relationship, technology and data are all top quality. We are working with 3E as a partner, not as a supplier. We have a great deal of trust in them and are confident that we will always be treated fairly,” said Somers.

“We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers – large, multinational companies – on the quality of our SDSs. The feedback has been that they are accurate and quite comprehensive – the information we provide surpasses the level of information that most companies offer on their SDSs,” he continued.

“An SDS authoring platform is definitely an investment but it is well worth it to know that we are developing accurate, compliant and comprehensive SDSs and labels – you get what you pay for,” he concluded.

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