California Prop 65

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California's Dynamic Prop 65

Prop 65 compliance is no simple task as it is continually being revised by the by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Companies that are impacted by Prop 65 should seek assistance from providers to support compliance and mitigate risk. 3E™ offers products and services that continually evolve to meet the demands of the market and our customers. Our intelligent compliance solutions help companies fill their compliance gaps, mitigate risk and achieve ongoing compliance. 

If you're not sure how it impacts your organization, download our helpful infographic.

Content at the core

3E's comprehensive collection of global regulatory content fuels our Prop 65 solution offering. This robust content offering consists of a massive, aggregated collection of lists, legislation, and compliance guides for regulated chemicals throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction, including Prop 65. Content is updated regularly to ensure you always have current information at your fingertips. 

Instant access OEHHA chemical and substance lists

Notification when updates are made to the Prop 65 list

Access to toxicological and eco-toxicological content

Regulatory Reference

Systems-integrated data and rules, including OEHHA chemical and substance lists

Chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data

Multilingual phrases, including exposure scenario phrase library

Integrated Content
Comprehensive supply chain compliance

3E offers a end-to-end solution for the collection, validation, enrichment and contextualization of supplier data required for continuous Prop 65 compliance. At a fraction of the cost to manage a program in house, your organization can partner with 3E to quickly launch a comprehensive Prop 65 compliance program.

Survey suppliers for disclosure of all ingredients and Prop 65 compliance declarations

Compare ingredients for raw materials against Prop 65 list

Streamlined communication with downstream customers

Supply Chain Compliance

Support proactive compliance

Categorize and identify substances and exemptions

Ability to search new lists as published

Regulatory Reference

News and analysis on new and emerging regulations

Proactively address emerging reformulation or relabeling requirements

Stay current as additional substances are proposed for the list

Regulatory Monitoring

End to end SDS and chemical management

List and categorize individual substances in your chemical inventory via Prop 65 impact analysis

Ensure proper labeling of products/substances

SDS & Chemical Management

Complementary solutions to complete your Prop 65 program

3E offers a variety of products and service to complement your core Prop 65 program, while also reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving overall EHS regulatory compliance.

Support for a variety of compliance requirements including toxicological determination to identify if a product's exposure exceeds safe harbor levels

Regulatory Consulting

Support for creating SDSs and labels, including assistance updating section 15

Ensure Prop 65 compliant SDSs are published, distributed and retrieved

SDS Authoring & Distribution